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Weekly Brief - The road ahead

6stack_Chris6stack_Chris Member UncommonPosts: 117
Over the past six weeks, we’ve re-launched Zy Universe with a new focus on match-based PvP, and we’ve been able to bring you all the first glimpse of gameplay.  Now, as we move forward, we want to make sure we’re laser focused on doing things the right way.  To that end, we are starting to build out a comprehensive roadmap that our team will use to get us from this point through to our final vision of Zy Universe.  For now, this roadmap will be kept under wraps as not to give away the farm, but what this means for you all is that you may not see any new video updates for a few weeks as we continue to work on the essential foundation of this game.

So what can you expect in the weeks to come?

We will still be putting out regular weekly updates about what it is we’ve been working on, but we also want to start sharing our lore and backstory with you all as well.  So, some of our updates will be development focused, some will be story and lore.  We set out to create Zy Universe not as a single game, but as an IP that we can build from and make [hopefully] future games around.  With that, we can’t wait to start sharing the lore we have thus far, but bare with’s still a work in progress.

Now onto the development update:

Over the past week, our developers have been focusing on optimizing our player model so that it will be ready for more complex tasks, like aesthetic changes on the fly and adding other effects.  The original character model implementation was one of our first once we transitioned to 3D, so it definitely needed some work.  Speaking of switching to 3D, did we mention that only a few months back, we switched from a 100% 2D game, to being nearly all 3D?  At the time, we didn’t yet have a 3D artist, so we had to make due with purchasing many of our assets from the Unity store (thanks to Unity & it’s community for building such an awesome hub!).  Since then, we brought on Eric's amazing talent, and have since been able to crank out tons of original assets!  If you like what you’ve been seeing so far -from concept art to our first gameplay glimpse- then feel free to give kudos to our art team in Discord chat.  They’d love to hear it.

In the coming weeks, the art team will be working to replace all of the models we purchased from the Unity store with our own original work, so you can also expect to see more concept art, renders, and final assets in the weeks to come.

As always, here is something we have been working on:

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