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Should the government give free high-end PCs to everyone (or outright free money like Canada)?

TheScavengerTheScavenger Member EpicPosts: 3,321
I was thinking with the WoW requirement update (and my own CPU is now under the minimum requirements, since its an i5 660)...there are many people that can afford games (since games themselves are cheap), but can't afford a PC. For example, if I want an i7 (and I'd want a good one) I'd also need to upgrade my CPU, motherboard, and I'd also need to upgrade my RAM. My motherboard is not compatible with an it be an easy 700+ dollar upgrade which I and many others can't do

This would also mean no one is at an advantage with better hardware, just because they have more money to give an edge over people with weaker PCs

Now, this goes far beyond gaming. Many artists (and Youtubers) NEED a good PC to make good quality rendered art (or videos)....many people can do so many things with a good computer. While many are sure not to utilize their government founded PCs to better their lives, many also however would.

Now I can hear everyone going "WTF is this stupid idea". And I gladly say..."but canada is giving everyone free money every month as an experiment" maybe that way is better than an outright PC. BUT here is why providing a free PC is in at least some ways better

Government pays for pre-made highend PCs. That means every piece of hardware in that PC is being bought, providing each company a large source of revenue...even more in fact because there is a huge amount of people who can't afford to buy that hardware. The company who provides the pre-made PC also gets a revenue source. So it isn't exactly free money like canada is doing (though that money still goes back into their country of course), but also accomplishes nearly the same thing. Everyone is provided with their own PC

For the homeless, or those who don't want a PC, can then instead opt for a mobile device which also can provide the person countless ways to earn an income or even keep in touch with family.

Now maybe free money is better like Canada is doing. You can use that free money to then upgrade your PC or buy a mobile device, or countless other ways. So free money of course is more useful in many ways...however lots of people are not good at managing money, so I feel in some ways it go to waste compared to a high-end free PC or mobile device which can then be used for art/youtube/work etc.

What are your guys thoughts?

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  • ChimborazoChimborazo Member UncommonPosts: 114
    I think it's a silly idea. Eventually, you could dispose public funds for these kind of professions (videomakers etc). As far as I know, If you want to open a bar or a restaurant or other kind of activities you can apply for public funds to get kick started, but other kind of profession are not so easily covered. Like everything, you have to exercise a great degree of control to avoid abuses. 
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  • BarrikorBarrikor Member UncommonPosts: 364
    edited July 2018
    We live in a world where the FBI gives guns to drug lords and the EPA pollutes rivers.

    I'd settle for the government just doing its current job right. If Trump is able to fix everything that's broken right now then we can always come back to the big-dream ideas later.

    Air, Water, Food, Shelter... Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness... these are things that people and "The People" must secure first.

    A computer is nothing, if you can't afford to eat.
    A computer is nothing, if you're sick and can't go to the hospital.
    A computer is nothing, if the US and Russia start a nuclear war.
    A computer is nothing, if Iran builds a nuke and terrorists plant it in your town.
    A computer is nothing, if a person deported 5 times kills you in San Francisco.
    A computer is nothing, if a drunk driver deported 15 times kills your family.
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  • ChimborazoChimborazo Member UncommonPosts: 114
    Quick question: am I right to assume that 9/10 users here are yankees?
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  • GorweGorwe Member EpicPosts: 6,086
    Wait...Canada gives free money? Don't that devalue the currency?
  • AmatheAmathe Member LegendaryPosts: 5,719
    edited July 2018
    In a sense, they already did. The U.S. federal government has already provided the internet (in partnership with some major universities). Your local municipal government provides free (or nearly free) access to a computer and online service through its public library. It may not be the best or the most convenient, but it's available. 

    I'm not sure your understanding of homeless people is current. I see them every day. They have zero interest (or in most cases ability) to lug a computer around. They would sell it at the first opportunity because it is useless to them otherwise. If they tried to keep one, someone else on the street would rob/kill them for it. 
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  • AdrianG001AdrianG001 Member CommonPosts: 2
    Well your idea seems to be silly but thoughtful. Silly because giving high end PCs to everyone would not be a worthy decision when government has so many other problems to look into and Thoughtful because it might give an extraordinary boost for digitization. I`m not clear what do you mean by high end PCs are they virtual PCs like citrix vdi or something like that?
    Adrian Gates
  • TeranossTeranoss Member CommonPosts: 6
    Imho the point of the taxes is to have budget to do things one person would not want to do. It sounds great getting a free pc, even an old one, allowing to learn computer literacy and skills from young age in poor families. But that means few less parks, few less fixed streets, etc 

    Yeah probably a good trade to invest in people over physical objects, i can't really decide if i would pass that bill :/
  • xLoveless1102xLoveless1102 Member UncommonPosts: 36
    Giving away high-end PCs would be a waste of valuable tax money better spent on more important issues. If this is going to be for work won't low-end PCs suffice? 
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  • KenlogKenlog Member CommonPosts: 6
    Giving away high-end PCs would be a waste of valuable tax money better spent on more important issues. If this is going to be for work won't low-end PCs suffice? 
    Exactly, low-end PCs are enough to meet the criteria. However, that would still cost a lot of tax money. I think it would work out if they gave this opportunity, but the family, to receive the computer will have to do some public work. That would be somewhat fair. I would have done anything when i was younger so i could get the computer, now it's easier and not to lose tax money, some work in exchange is okay. 
  • LokeroLokero Member RarePosts: 1,513
    As I recall, the (U.S.) government already has a program to give people free cell phones.  This is essentially the computer give-away.  Of course, their priority is not "high end", since the government does not care if you can play video games and crap.  The focus is internet accessibility/communication.

    I do not recall the requirements/specifics, though.  I do not believe it is something that everyone can get, but it is something.  I cannot recall if it was for disabled people or people who cannot afford it or what have you.
  • MyrdynnMyrdynn Member RarePosts: 2,380
    there is nothing free in this world.  It might be free for you, but I am paying for it

  • glowenglowen Member CommonPosts: 6
    Myrdynn said:
    there is nothing free in this world.  It might be free for you, but I am paying for it

    Well said. Free always means "gain at someone else's expense". Like trading stocks, or in order to have sunlight one part of the world has to be in the dark. Or any lottery.  Our lovely dual world x)

  • DwaaawffulDwaaawfful Member UncommonPosts: 60
    Two things to bear in mind with these sorts of initiatives.

    First is essentially political/moral.

    Some would say that public investment enterprises are essentially socialist concepts and this is bad because it encourages people to expect benefits for doing nothing.

    On the flip side, you could argue that making certain resources open to everyone equally levels out opportunity — it's still a dog-eat-dog world regarding who eventually gets ahead, but the start point is essentially leveled up from ultra basic Survival of the Fittest because we now fight with tech and culture rather than sharpened flint.

    Ultimately, you're looking at the return for your investment.

    Any "free" or subsidised scheme risks losing money thanks to the essential nature of the transaction alone.

    I give you a PC in return for ... nothing — uhm, yeah, that's a loss every time.

    Factor in the potential for abuse of the system, and this is a recipe for burning money.

    UNLESS ... the scheme unlocks benefits that power up the economy in ways that would not have been possible otherwise, like business startups, shortcuts to problem solving of all kinds, info exchange.

    Public health schemes cost a fortune in countries where they operate — but the payback is considerable, and you only have to look at countries whose transport and sanitation systems aren't up to speed to figure how much a lack of these essentials stops other advances from happening.

    Likely the Canadians — or whichever government is promoting this kind of scheme — have looked in on the figures and have some idea of the potential their initiative unlocks.

    Will free computers work?


    Another idea would be to subsidise internet connectivity in conjunction with a free phones scheme — that gets everyone connected & functional for a relatively low cost compared to supplying PC hardware.

    Admittedly, not so good for YouTube video makers as a full-blown PC, but it pulls everyone into the creative loop at some level.
  • TheScavengerTheScavenger Member EpicPosts: 3,321
    Well, I can't afford a new PC. I know many gamers also can't afford new PCs. In general many people who are suffering economically can't get a PC, and so are unable to get ahead since everything uses or needs one.

    So maybe instead of everyone getting one, and homeless people who wouldn't use can be for those on welfare, vets, and those that are disabled. Anyone that is a criminal or has a criminal record would NOT be eligible.

    Now on the other makes sense just to give those in need money instead of anything else.

    And actually that would work too and work better since then the money can be spent on anything. In Canada, there is a town that gives everyone a ton of money every month. Why can't the US do that to all those in need that truly do need it? That in turn benefits the economy in so many ways. 

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