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Phoenix Server | Dark Age of Camelot v1.65 OF + SI + QOL Changes | Recruiting for 8vX MIDGARD Guild

Hi all!

First of all, if you love DAoC but hated the grind, there's a new server in town! Visit to learn more! The server is currently in an open beta phase.

If you're intrigued by Phoenix and looking to get in on an awesome guild project that's preparing for server launch, be sure to take a gander at Death Toll's site, where we're recruiting brave souls to encounter massive zergs with us and blow'd dem to pieces!

As a result of seeing this post...
  1. I intend to...1 vote
    1. INVESTIGATE the Phoenix free shard server
    2. INVESTIGATE the Phoenix free shard server and
    3. PLAY the Phoenix free shard server (and see you out on the battlefield Death Toll!)
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