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Path Of Exile 3.3 How To Make Currency Flipping Chaos Passive Income

Bodyrot420Bodyrot420 Member UncommonPosts: 7
edited July 2018 in The Pub at MMORPG.COM
Hi everyone thanks for all the support on my first video how to make 100+ chaos in 1 hour had alot of people ask how to list and flip the currency this video shows just that i provided a link to 2 different websites with current ratios & list of in game tags for buying and selling other things not under the drop down for the stash tab
if you enjoyed my video please like and subscribe i have a lot of people hating that i am showing this technique xD

How To Check Current Buy/Sell Ratios For All Currency

Site #1 http://currency.poe.trade/ -- current buy / sell ratios
http://currency.poe.trade/tags -- Premium stash tab items not listed in drop down screen tags on how to buy/sell seasonal or league items, maps, ect
Site #2 http://poe.ninja current buy / sell ratios

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