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8.0 pre-patch is on the PTR... so it begins

btdtbtdt Member RarePosts: 523
So for giggles I have been leveling an Affliction Warlock on the PTR.  To make it more interesting, I have been leveling naked (meaning the only item I have equipped is my primary weapon).  I was up to level 44 before the pre-patch hit.  

Prior to the pre-patch, the Affliction Warlock was pretty OP.  I mean I survived everything because of Drain Life.  The Void Walker basically died all the time.  Back in the day when I leveled my original Affliction Warlock (TBC), the biggest issue I faced was the Void Walker losing aggro, it didn't die so damn easily like it does now, I just outpaced it's aggro.

Now after the pre-patch the talents have been changed up.  Prior to pre-patch it was a rotation of Corruption, Agony, and Drain Life.  Shadow Bolt wasn't part of the Affliction kit.  Post pre-patch Shadow Bolt was back and Drain Life was nerfed to the ground.  So now I basically die most of the time.  Health points and damage are the same as far as I can tell, just have zero survivability because the Void Walker is still as useless as ever so the mobs end up on me in short order.  Life Tap is also gone.  May return later as I level, but all in all, this Affliction Warlock is squishy as all hell and does very little damage.  This means fear or die because Drain Life isn't going to do shit compared to the mob beating on you.

What this tells me is that leveling at the lower levels is broken across all classes.  They've undoubtedly focused solely on max level balancing and ignored the lower levels as usual.  Lower levels should at least be playable... not unbearable.  This sort of squishiness is akin to leveling as a healer priest in vanilla WoW.  Sticking a fork in your eyes was less painful.  This new talent revamp looks to be a hot mess for anyone not at level 110 come launch day.

Needless my fun of leveling naked has come to an end.  In fact leveling at all on this toon has come to an end.  Talents are just too screwed up.

How are the other classes doing at the low levels on the PTR with the pre-patch?

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