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Fallout 76 is indeed an MMORPG, and it sounds pretty great! - News



  • PhryPhry Member LegendaryPosts: 11,004
    Loke666 said:
    "Dozens of your friends. Not hundreds or even thousands." ---Todd Howard
    Not an mmorpg in my book. More of a Rust or DayZ type game which is what was reported previous to tonight. Still sounds like a really cool game. Regardless of what it is 'labelled'
    Dozens sounds a bit fuzzy, I rather have a number before deciding if I think it is a massive game or not. 32 players on a map is not massive since tons of FPS games have that number. More then so I guess I could call it a "MMO (even though it isn't super "massive"), 32 or less and it is a CORPG like GW.

    But it does make sense from a RP perspective to have fewer people in a zone after the apocalypse then in a huge fantasy world. What really matters is if it is fun or not though, I think this is as close to a real Western AAA MMORPG being announced this year as we get.
    If thats as close to having an MMO made in the West as we're going to get, then might as well say that the only MMO's now are coming out of Korea, though given that my preferred game these days is BDO, that might actually be the case.
    Kind of a sad indictment on western games though tbh, maybe thats why WoW is still a thing and games like BDO, FFXIV, ESO and Eve have very little in the way of real competition.
    Speaking of the original GW, the developers/publishers classed it as a COOP RPG, but how many ignored that and instead insisted that it was an MMO, despite all evidence to the contrary? that they will undoubtedly ignore the facts and developer statements and also insist that this game is also an MMO because 'insert irrelevant reason here' is as inevitable as it is hillarious and only distracts from whether or not the game is going to actually be any good, fingers crossed on that one tbh  :p
  • RouzukiRouzuki Member UncommonPosts: 66
    K but unless we can make private sessions, I'm pretty sure it's just going to end up like GTA Online with nukes.
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