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Conan Exiles on ps4 lag still bad after a month of patches

MmoFan2012MmoFan2012 Member UncommonPosts: 23
Ps4 and ps4 pro combat and running lag is very bad still. It is a major issue on the console and yet reviewers have given great reviews to this game. The game is not ready for use and should not have been released.  

Fake news. Mmorpg get your act together. Conan Exiles is a failed launch with no change any time soon. 


  • StanleyJobsStanleyJobs Newbie CommonPosts: 1

    Whats up, ive moved into my dorm and figured id bring my gaming PC with me for some fun. Once i set everything else and booted up to play some OW, I was greeted by the most janky looking, low res title screen which was really out of the norm for me.

    I used to be able (used to as in literally 2 days ago) to run Overwatch consistently with everything on AT LEAST high. Ive chalked up the problem to maybe the graphics somehow being routed to the integrated GPU within my processor?

    The models were on Low video setting, and the render autoing to 35% and the textures also being on low. Very strange considering that as i have said before, my PC would run everything on high/ultra without breaking a sweat.

    Task manager says my GPU is flatlining with a constant 0% usage while my memory and CPU are getting absolutely eaten, so im assuming that somehow, for whatever reason, my GPU is being ousted in favor for the integrated GPU in my Processor.

  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 42,912
    Sounds like your video card got jostled loose during your move, open up the PC and reseat the card to see if it helps.

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