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I have noticed the RNG in this game already

AnnaTSAnnaTS Member UncommonPosts: 600
Ok, I have created 3 characters now, The first one i deleted around level 24 ish because i kept getting defeated by a boss called Jeros, I noticed at the time i had missed a lot of stuff in the combat, Like not using my non chains skills and i hadn't spent any of my sapphires, rose stone or beryl, so thought it would be best to start over again and get used to my non chain skills. 

The second character i deleted around level 19 ish because i didn't like the look of my character, I know i should've deleted it straight away but i didn't.

Now i am on my third character, Now with all 3 characters i have done the first dungeon multiple times on each one, The first character my paladin gear was dropping quickly, I also noticed i was getting multiple drops on the blue weapons, My second character i didn't see any blue weapons drops, But the paladin gear was dropping about the same pace as the first character. 

Now my third character the paladin gear is taking a lot longer to drop and i have only had 1 blue weapon drop, Luckily the one blue weapon that dropped is for paladin, Another thing i have noticed is the first 2 characters when i was dismantling gear, I never got any whirlwind condensed magic stones, But on my third character i already have 3.
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