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Starting runes for a Elf Mage Channie?

Edward78Edward78 Member Posts: 245

Are there any ones worth taking besides the int & spr ones?


  • Maverick827Maverick827 Member Posts: 71
    Don't take the Spirit ones, it's a rather useless stat.  Mana regens fast enough (with the right equipment and buffs, neither hard to find).  While I wouldn't ignore Spirit all together, I wouldn't max it/take it above the racial maximum.
  • gammorazgammoraz Member Posts: 37

    I dont generally build elf casters but here is a rough idea of what I would do -

    Take 5 points out of each attribute except Con and Int.

    Add 5 points to Con.

    Take Warlords Page (+10 Con, +10 Max Con, -5 Dex, -5 Spi)

    Take Brillant Mind (+10 Int, +10 Max Int)

    Take Precise (+5% ATR rating).

    I think as Elf you should have enough creation points to this. Check the Channy forums.


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