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A Call for Help.

Big.Daddy.SamediBig.Daddy.Samedi Member UncommonPosts: 409
Good Day,

     I have been around on these forums for a long time, and enjoy coming here almost daily. Unfortunately over the past few years I have developed some serious health issues and for the most part have been able to deal with this. The reason for my post is that I need to reach out for help as my insurance will not help. I have been told by my doctor that I need to be in a wheelchair due to some serious wounds on my feet. As I do not know a lot of people online, and due to not being able to work, I thought I would reach out to a community that I have been a part of for so long, and hope that generous souls would be so kind as to assist.

     I know this is a lot to ask, and I understand that you do not know me.. or even have a reason to help. But please know that even $1 helps so that I can get my wheelchair and be able to go outside again. I also want to let you know that I do appreciate you taking the time to read this post.

     May the gaming gods smile upon you :)

ADMINS: If this is not permitted please delete my post. I do not wish to break any rules. Thank you.

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