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US Prime-time Population Ywain Server Status!

SolicfireSolicfire Member UncommonPosts: 484

POPULATION US PRIME-TIME (Bank Holiday/Memorial Day)


Time: 3:30AM CET /  2:30AM UK / 9:30PM EST / 8:30PM CST / 6:30PM PST



New Frontiers: 66

Tir Na Nog (Hib Capital City): 40

Cathal Valley: 2

Molvik: 18

Thidranki: 0

Total: 240 online (including all zones)



New Frontiers: 120

Jordheim (Mid capital City): 10

Cathal Valley: 3

Molvik: 7

Thidranki: 1

Total: 200 online (Including all zones)




New Frontiers: 119

Camelot (Alb capital city): 24

Cathal Valley: 6

Molvik: 24

Thidranki: 3

Total: 209 online (Including all zones)


Total number on Ywain Servers 649 players!

(This doesn’t include anon players)

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