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Bless - Tips for New Players -



  • AlbatroesAlbatroes Member LegendaryPosts: 7,671
    DMKano said:
    Ouch - 38% on Steam - mostly negative.

    NeoWiz might be out of options for Bless now - this is litterally the worst case scenario after failed launches, they couldn't afford another one

    I'm curious why they thought it would do well in western markets where it failed in their own market?  Do they think that western markets are that desperate or gullible?   Now that I think about it...
    To be fair, the western market honestly doesn't have a fraction of the mmorpg choices as the west. Monster Hunter Online has been in the east for a few years, you have Dragon's Dogma Online, Phantasy Star Online 2, Moonlight Blade, etc. I'm not saying the later are actually better but they have more variety in the east vs the west. If you actually look at how the western market highest performing games are doing globally, you'll see that games like WoW and FFXIV are actually underperforming in places like China and Korea. Even GW2 almost shut down in China a few years ago. So the thirst is kind of real in the western market.
  • sighlencesighlence Member UncommonPosts: 35
    Thanks for the tips ! Rocky start, but hey I'm enjoying it. (Runs and takes cover)!


  • axtrantiaxtranti Member UncommonPosts: 86
    edited June 2018

    Rhoklaw said:

    Latency and FPS drops are a common plague for newly released games, but I don't know if you can actually call an MMO that's been released in 2 different regions already as a "new" release.

    'new game'. Since when Bless is new? Game had this problem forever and was known forever, the only region missing the game was NA. They took advantage and hyped it up, slapped a price tag on it to recuperate their business. Not only the game is poorly optimized, servers are bad(obviously, 1 more sign of itt being a cash grab), game looks like a neglected child of gw2+aion, did i mention how mediocre combat is?

    Players gotta stop feeding bad habits like this one, they knew the only region willing to pay a price tag for a game that almost didn't get released twice was NA, and is about to fail in 2 regions. How many more signs do even people need? Literally, there is no better sign than Bless itself to embody how desperate MMORPG players are nowadays to seek for a good MMORPG. Bless is a thousand times worst than going back to your ex. Even though it is my opinion, a popular one that is, I'm an avid korean MMORPG player and this one is by far the worst of the worst I have ever played. Also take into account I play about anything online. That is all I do.

    Only way to stop this EA releases, half assed rushed games(they had a lot of time, game core just literally sucked), only way is to stop paying these price tags. Some day EA will stop being a thing, not at this rate though. edit: Also forgot to mention not even Aeriagames wanted to publish Bless. If you're familiar with this company, you kinda know how bad that is. I also did play Bless in JP version, i7 7700 1060 6gg and doing bosses+world pvp was a pain. Not even Aion,gw2,bdo suffered ever from this kind of fps lag. I truly believe if bless had a more complex combat system, it'd be a really solid game.


  • PhryPhry Member LegendaryPosts: 11,004
    Be interesting to see what the refund ratio is for the Steam version, sounds like its fairly substantial, though given the latest youtube video by lazypeon, i am frankly not exactly surprised.
  • MrMelGibsonMrMelGibson Member EpicPosts: 3,029
    neosparkk said:
    #1 new tip for players: Refund this dumpster fire ASAP lmfao. What a stupid shill article and website.
    If it's such a shill website why are you here? People like you are the reason Thanos plan was right.
    alkarionlog[Deleted User]
  • ShinamiShinami Member UncommonPosts: 825

    Early Access should not have lead to full refunds left or right...
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