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Strangest game I've ever seen on Steam.

MrMelGibsonMrMelGibson USAMember EpicPosts: 2,935
edited May 2018 in General Gaming
This has to be the strangest game I've ever run across on Steam lol.  I mean, wtf is this lol.

Directly from the games description lol.

"In the year 2028 US tension with russia has been steady growing. After "Blonald Drumpf" finished his second term, USA elects a democrat president. Russia president "Butin" is not happy about this, and Russia prepares to launch a secret weapon...The Gay Bomb.
The gay bomb was very successful. Most straights are dead. But Some have rare genetic defect preventing them from becoming gay.
The newly elected majority gay government has put out an order to rid the world of any remaining straights.

Take on the role of Andrew, an elite gay soldier tasked with hunting down any straights not affected. Andrew is sent to a high school to investigate rumoured straight activity. But this mission will be anything but ordinary...

Please buy this game so i can pay my mom back. or i will be grounded. 
This is chapter 1 of GAY NATION."

Is this someone trolling really hard or is this for real?
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Gay Nation
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