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  • HeruvimHeruvim Member UncommonPosts: 8
    Thank you!
  • befysaitoubefysaitou Member CommonPosts: 1
  • DUDEwhyDUDEwhy Member CommonPosts: 1
    How can i get a code?

  • AllerleirauhAllerleirauh Member UncommonPosts: 496
    This was a code that I received in my email. I wasn't going to share it, but considering people are still commenting here, here it is.

    This code gives the following:

    • Violet Royal Rose Full Set Box (1-Day)
    • Elite Status (1-Day)
    • Victory Talisman (1-Day)

    Enter the code: SEASONOFWOLVES

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  • RVxoRVxo Member CommonPosts: 1

    winwinlim said:

    how do i get the keys

    how do i get the keys
  • JanCarNiFeXJanCarNiFeX Member CommonPosts: 1
    i did not get my item in game wth?, please teach me how to claim in game
  • CorrxptsCorrxpts Member CommonPosts: 1
    Thanks, this was really helpful!
  • MinariMyouiMinariMyoui Member CommonPosts: 2
    Thank you so much!
  • ceratop001ceratop001 Member RarePosts: 1,588
    You still have to sign up on En Masse to.
  • expurgusexpurgus Member CommonPosts: 1
  • momolinemomoline Member CommonPosts: 1
  • vutheluongvutheluong Member CommonPosts: 2
    thanks. I need the activation code
  • FruchtzwergFruchtzwerg Member CommonPosts: 1
  • Midgetporn7Midgetporn7 Newbie CommonPosts: 2
    Midget Porn 7 Ty This code is for the bai and tera I already reached redemption soo


  • HungrySpacksHungrySpacks Member CommonPosts: 6
    WOAH you just got 

  • MetsushiroMetsushiro Newbie CommonPosts: 3
    thanks! :D
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