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Age of Wonders : Planetfall

ScorchienScorchien Member LegendaryPosts: 8,914
edited May 2018 in PC Gaming
  Always liked all of the AoW games and with Triumph Studios teamed with Paradox , they take there talents to Space , this is exciting news .. sign up for the news letter if your interested in the game...


  • MendelMendel Member LegendaryPosts: 5,609
    I hope other game companies take notice.  Game has been in development for 3 years and is scheduled to release in 2019.  Paradox hadn't had it on their home page until this week.  (I visit their site daily).

    If you're developing a new game, keeping it under wraps until it is almost finished is the way to go to build positive buzz about a product.

    Watch and learn, MMORPG developers.


    Logic, my dear, merely enables one to be wrong with great authority.

  • mikeb0817mikeb0817 Member UncommonPosts: 76
    Sweet. I loved Age of Wonders. Can't wait for this!
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