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The Sign of an Excellent Soundtrack

MadFrenchieMadFrenchie Member LegendaryPosts: 7,365
edited May 2018 in General Gaming
So, I've been playing the hell outta PoE2, and I gotta say...  I'm super friggin' impressed by the soundtrack.  Specifically, the pirate/sailing songs:

Roll the Old Berath's Wheel

How flawlessly Brown and Shaw are able to weave the game's lore into these songs would have you missing the fact that what they're saying makes no sense to someone who's never played the game (Berath's Wheel, Queen's Berth, Ondra's Mortar are all mentioned, for instance).  It also evokes a very strong feeling in me that reminds me of how much fun I've been having playing the game.  Hard to describe, save for it's a feeling in the gut I get when I hear great video game soundtracks that remind me of equally great video game experiences (DAoC main theme is another one).

So what's it for you guys?  What song(s) gives you a feeling in your gut, that knot of nostalgia that gives you the urge to revisit the memories made in the game the music is associated with?

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