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What's a good sandbox to try now? What about free to play? FREE TRIAL KEYS AVAILABLE

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Hello there, are you looking for a new game?

I sware I tried dozens upon dozens of different games and had a few very boring years recently but last year finally found one that kept me hooked. I even started streaming recently and uploading videos to youtube regularly. This year has been great! In fact, I haven't been able to find gaming this fun since 2012. I know many people are always on the lookout for something new to try and many of you like me cannot seem to find anything interesting so thought I would share what my main games are right now.

Conan Exiles just launched May 8th and I've been having a blast! Every server seems to be full for the most part... but I tend to enjoy the unofficial ones the most. Seems to have the most serious players there. The crafting is amazing and you can build a custom base almost anywhere. This is truly the sandbox of sandbox games. I like to play on the PVP server where you can destroy other people's buildings, rob them, or kill them and take their stuff! Its loads of fun and the combat has been improved immensely since the pre-release package that many of you may have already tried. In this game you may become a God and trample down enemies and their buildings as if they were merely legos!

Check out my first day here and feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel as I upload videos almost every day (including retro gaming sessions with my girlfriend every week where we play genesis and oldschool nintendo RPGs):

I have free trial keys available for Darkfall Rise of Agon if you are interested. This game is free to play if you use my trial and then play hardcore for a week (enough to buy game token in the game which gives a month subscription...). I sell game tokens for ingame currency as well so hit me up if you are interested! They run for about 35-50k on the market... yesterday I made close to 100k in one day from buying keys/maps on the market. A person can make an "endgame" character in only a week if you know what to do so mostly any new player would only have to worry about learning how the game is played. Its EXTREMELY fun! I played yesterday for 24 hours straight! So fun having all of these spells at my disposal and the new named mobs and so many mobs spawning makes the PVE a blast and much better than most MMORPGs when it comes to the combat. I've never done that before (played 24 hours straight!) that is crazy... so that is saying something! I've played this game for 8 years too so I should be burned out by now, right? Nope! I think overall Darkfall Rise of Agon is the funnest PVE currently out there because of how the UI and combat feels with action-packed monster spawning. I just recently acquired a sword in the game that is extremely rare and good (its full-loot pvp!) and there are only a few in existence!

Check out an example of how fun the PVE can be:

Darkfall New Dawn just released a couple months ago so it would not be too late to catch up. Don't think that its too hard or too late to play this... I am playing both Darkfalls and its been easy to be "above average" depite that I have only played maybe 10 hours a week sometimes. I ran into some PVP and scored a bunch of stuff the last time that I played (couple days ago)... and then had a few fights afterward that same night (but lost some of the stuff that I had gained, oh well). Was still able to come out on top overall but its difficult since I usually like to play alone. One of the fights that I had was so evenly matched I was at the edge of my seat for 35 minutes straight or so! So much fun!!

This video shows what the nooby PVP is like so long as you know where to look:

I've had great success and good ratio (kill more than I get killed) even though I've been BEHIND the average person in stats/skills since I started it and only play it casually. The video in this link is not as fun to watch as my other encounters on the sme playlist.

Compare that video with this better quality one of the last few sessions I have had when I played:

If you are a Star Trek fan than I would definitely recommend Star Trek Online! The combat in space is way funner than I had expected and for the first time in any MMORPG I had read everything that I come across when talking to NPCs or doing the quests so the story and general feel of the game is great! I love being able to customize my crew (over 100 people to each ship I think?) and the bridge crew you allows us to customize it almost as much as my main character. Its a shame that so many negative things were said about this game online whenever I looked into it on these forums and elsewhere... don't listen to the trolls, its very original and offers content like no other game. I must admit that I did spend more money than I was expecting... even though it is free to play just so that I wouldn't have to grind as much for a new ship and be able to unlock sexy skirts for the women on my crew...

This video shows where I am at in the game now although I am not playing it as much as the other MMORPGs that I had listed lately since honestly it doesn't really require other people to play with in it. Its very solo-friendly.

So great that there are games to play right now. During 2013-2016 I felt like I could not find anything fun to play and tried dozens of different MMORPGs for a hidden gem. It was so boring...

Hope you all enjoy 2018 gaming as much as I am! Not every year is as good as this one has been... happy hunting!

Is there a good that you are enjoying this year?

Please share!

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Watch me play Darkfall and sometimes PVP in other MMORPGs on Twitch.

Darkfall has launched!!! MAY 5th!! Join before its too late!

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