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GM event going on now! Free trial keys available, just ask any streamer for one!

Sid_ViciousSid_Vicious Member UncommonPosts: 2,155

Ahoy there, mateys!

Yarrrgggh, ye best be ready, as there be a halibutalot of booty ripe for the pluckin' from Pirate King Bound's personal ship! Do ye have the stones to scuttle his vessel and scupper his crew? Haul wind to the seas of Sanguine, and give no quarter to the scurvy dogs aboard! Sink the ship, claim the booty for yer'selves!

What is it: A Stream Sniper event.

A Ship of the Line, captained by a GM, will be able to be found in the location listed below. The ship will be manned by numerous Streamers and will need to be sank. If the Streamers and the Ship of the Line survive for 2 hours the ship will be despawned.

All streamers will try to stay on the Ship of the Line.

All streamers will be carrying rare event only weapons.

All streamers will have high end equipment.

If the Streamers survive for 2 hours they get to keep everything, including what they have looted from you guys….

When: Saturday, May 5th at 3 p.m. EST

Where: Off the Coast of Sanguine in the Sea of Morgaine

How to Watch: All Streamers will be streaming the event.


I will share youtube videos of this event in the comments section below after it is finished. I'm sure there will be a few at least.

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