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We built this city on MMO

BruceYeeBruceYee Member EpicPosts: 2,073
Lots of neglect/disrespect in regards to 'MMO's' like that youtuber these days and Daybreak possibly closing their games or passing them off to someone else yet again. I'd just like to rant a bit at the universe and those who were 5 when UO came out about how MMO's are the reason that computer gaming doesn't still exist in the shadows and isn't an embarrassing thing to admit you do. People now get free money(streamers, e-sporters) from people watching them play games. They also get endorsements from publically traded companies. That is something in 1999 no one would believe and probably laugh at you if you told them would happen in a little under 20 years. People now quit their jobs to stream full-time when just a little while ago people used to quit playing games to get another job. I'm sure the latter still happens but the 1st is still a jaw dropper for some like me over a certain age.

All the people who played those early games that allowed for WoW to become so popular are the reason games like LoL, Minecraft, Fortnite & PUBG have the success they do now. Those people could've decided to just play consoles or Magic or D&D but instead they chose to possibly cause permanent long-term damage to their bodies by sitting for 8+ hours each day while also depriving themselves of valuable vitamin d(sunlight). They are the forgotten/unknown heroes of gaming. Those UO, EQ, Lineage, DAoC, AO, Runescape players that developers and others no longer care about are the reason they can make the money they do now.

'Don't you remember, we built this city on MMO'


The second verse in the video sung by Grace Slick I think strangely sums up the current MMO situation.

"Someone always playing corporation games. Who cares, they're always changing corporation names"
"We just want to dance(play) here, someone stole the stage. They call us irresponsible(not profitable), write us off the page"

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