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Eador : Master of the Broken World ... Now free on Steam

ScorchienScorchien Member LegendaryPosts: 8,914
edited April 2018 in PC Gaming
    For there 5 year anniverssary of the game the devs are giving it away for free.. For those unfamiliar .. Eador MOTBW is a very unique TBS game set in a fantasy world .. It has a few very nicw wrinkles in it that make it feel immersive and different experience than the usual TBS games ..  ..Tons of replay value here also, for any fan of TBS Fantasy game . I highly recommened it


               Eador MOATBW is  a  really good game that, now free would serve as a great barometer for anyone who may be interested in the Eador world .. If you enjoy it .. look into the newest Eador game Imperium .. ..

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