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Come join the DAoC Official Forums

SolicfireSolicfire BathMember UncommonPosts: 473
We are very pleased and excited to announce that the Dark Age of Camelot official forum is now open!

While Discord has proven to be a key tool in reaching and helping players, these forums will help us engage with the community, and you with us, even more!

Connect and discuss all things DAoC with the whole community in one place. We have many boards covering various topics which should encourage engaging (and civil) discussions and feedback. 

Please make sure you read our Code of Conduct on the forums, as your game account could be effected if you ignore these rules! Remember to be be civil and constructive at all times. While everyone can read the forums, only active DAoC accounts can post.

Register with your (not anyone else's) game account on now!

Click here to visit the DAoC Herald!


  • KyleranKyleran Paradise City, FLMember LegendaryPosts: 31,755
    Long ago and far away Mark Jacobs made a decision to rely on Vnboards rather than stand up official forums.

    I think he even wanted to skip them in WAR and I'm not sure CU has any public forums. 

    Guess the tradition stuck long after his departure.

    I personally rarely visit official forums, too heavily moderated and can even result in bans being extended to your game account if you piss someone off too much.

    EVE forums the same, never posted under my mains to prevent bringing the wrath of the games more disturbed players down on me.

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