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How Crafting will differ in CoE, compared to more traditional MMOs



  • DleatherusDleatherus Member UncommonPosts: 166
    edited April 2018
    i'm not a huge fan of crafting myself, and grind up alts to be self-sufficient

    i kind of have an uneasy feeling because in essence they are my "security blanket" in that i can toon over and get/create anything i want anytime from them - i don't 'play' them - i 'use' them

    in essence they are convenience toons

    i'm trying not let my prejudice of not being able to have my own legion of legendary toons in each profession have me opposed to it

    i'd never want to put in the time or effort tbh when i have my combat and deviant skills to tend to

    however as i have said, the dedicated crafters in our sizable community are very excited about all the possibilities, the mechanics of both OPC and online

    i'm of the feeling that my 'inconvenience' is rightfully of zero consideration, if crafters get a system that they truly enjoy and is challenging and engaging for them
  • DleatherusDleatherus Member UncommonPosts: 166
    @Kyleran the video gave me a good chuckle - ty!
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