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Too bad, they announced that this game will be carebear.



  • sceazesceaze Member Posts: 4

    Yeah I think the large difference in server rulesets will make this a game for everyone, if you have checked out the ageofconan forums then you will see the devs seem to respond to lots of people threads, which to me is very good communication between the players and the devs.

    Anyways just my thoughts

  • RavenmgsRavenmgs Member Posts: 155

    Funcom is a company run in a socialist country. If you don’t know what that means, it basically means the company and all it’s employees are on welfare. For people who don’t know how welfare works, basically the worse your screw up, the more money the government gives you; for example, if you have five illegitimate children and no job, they will pay you more then if you had a job or have less illegitimate children. So, in essence, in a socialist country where everyone, even the companies, are on well fare, you basically get paid more depending on how badly you screw things up. If you make to much money the government will tax it all away, if you are making almost no money they will dump tons of cash into you and give you massive tax exemptions.

    I worked for Funcom’s paid QA team for their Anarchy Online game for over three years, it took me a while to realize why they never responded to any of my bug reports, balance reports, or general game play issues. I have sense then quit and currently am working in game development.

  • CelestianCelestian Member UncommonPosts: 1,136

    I dunno what you're whining about the game is gonna have pvp.

    Full pvp? go check out WoW's full pvp servers, 21 of the existing "full" pvp servers have ... that's right... LOW population.

    You can have full pvp on the WoW regular servers also, just keep your pvp flag up unless you're just being hypocritical which I find most whiners to be anyway. I would guess you can do something similar in AoC, but we'll have to wait and see.

    Go choke on SB.

  • icecrossicecross Member Posts: 78

    Originally posted by Celestian
    Full pvp? go check out WoW's full pvp servers, 21 of the existing "full" pvp servers have ... that's right... LOW population.

    Low population is relative to the other realms. A realm at 15000 may be listed as high, but a realm at 12000 might be listed as low if all the other realms' current population was at 13000 and up.. See where I'm going?

  • angerrangerr Member Posts: 865

    Originally posted by toeblast

    Someone should hit FC hard in the head and sue em for making a WoW clone out of Hyboria. Its not 100% WoW clone tho since they will not have any PvP servers. LOL

    uhhh... i really hope this is sarcasum, but if its not someone should hit YOU up side your head. AOC will be nothing like wow and WILL have pvp servers. people really should read more and get their head out of their ass before posting rediculous faulse statements such as this  image


    read this then come back and talk to me about the vanguard/soe fiasco.....

  • Scott762x51Scott762x51 Member Posts: 42
    I hope you are right this is Conan after all.  Anyone who has read the books should know that full PVP is critical to the this world.  I just hope someone comes up with a good combat system with hit locations and damage that reflects where the person gets hit rather than chopping at something until it falls down the same way every time with some minor variations like all the other MMORPGs out there.  If its going to have a mature rating then dang it they need to have dismemberment and decapitations its the Conan way.
  • DigableDDigableD Member Posts: 71

    we'll just have to wait and see ::::20::

  • mcwbmw420mcwbmw420 Member Posts: 2

    I really think you should go check out the actual forums and read the dev posts.  First of all the devs are more involved in the forums than on any other developing game ive seen.  They listen to the posters.  There will be pvp on every server, consensual in most cases, but ffa on some servers, with others having different loot options.

    Also the interviews show a revolutionary approach to the rogue and mage class.

    The game is rated mature, so a lot of folks who've posted about it (normally the ones who started flaming before they knew anything about the game) won't be playing.  Its not a game for kiddies.  Its bloody with lots of sexual content, prostitutes, and whole regions dedicated to backstabbing and deception.  Very graphic.


  • GrakusGrakus Member Posts: 5

    Care bear? Has anyone here logged into the offical Age of Conan site at all?
    For me, RP is a very important part of any game. If I want to PvP then I should be able to do it on a consensual basis. Dont worry, I'll be playing with my fellow RP'ers out there!

    'That which does not kill us makes us stronger'

  • soulabductersoulabducter Member Posts: 10

    Originally posted by trajan22

    July 11, 2005... the date is old and theres been new announcements. Gaute even made one just for the sake of pvp, the dev even slowed downt he pace of pvp mechanics so that they could listen to the community!!! Now, thats just amazing and I hope they brought some good ideas with them and I can say one thing;

    - PVP will be one of the most important aspects of the game!

    Dev also made clear that there will be different servers for different pvp settings so I can almost say with 100% confidence that there will be 1 server with hardcore mode on, full FFA loot, no restriction areas for pvp etc cept for guards and other players.

    Must say Im kinda chocked that people make decisions when they havent even read some in the official forums, atleast the dev threads about the game and how its progressing...

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