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A New MMORPG Like Vanilla WOW

nerovergilnerovergil Member UncommonPosts: 680

We need a new mmorpg that like vanilla world of warcraft. With latest graphic like black desert online, harder pve, longer grind.

we cannot living in the past, wow has its glory on 2005. We need a new mmorpg

  1. harder pve - mobs spawn in group, player need to fight them in group. player can grind solo, but slower and harder

  2. skills tutor - player need to speak to tutor and bring money to learn skills, not auto learn

  3. instant pvp - like gw2, like esport, max level , max equip. we want player who want pvp can esport on the go, not just on end game. pve grinding is long, grinding itself is fun, no need to rush

  4. open world pvp with option to turn off pvp. so pve and pvp player can play together. player who dont want pvp just turn it off. pvp has a reward (like ranking ladder)

  5. 24/7 siege war. like guild war 2 world vs world (wvw) but in the pve map. player who turn off pvp cannot go into wvw area.(like black desert online)

  6. classess. so player can create unique class like assassin with fire magic, battlemage with sword, etc

  7. level scaling with boss monster all the map. all map area has level scaling. so player can level up anywhere they want...still dangerous because all area has boss monster that can kill players in 1 hit.

  8. no fast travel. like black desert online with auto path.

  9. friendly graphic setting/multi platform. u can play the game with android, toaster (super low setting) and with super computer

  10. huge customization - race, face, height, gender, body type

  11. hybrid combat systems - player can choose action combat (like bdo, teso) tab target (guild war 2, wow) or isometric (dota 2,lol)

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