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Player Killing?

So you are fighting another player in a MMORPG and you have won, all that is left to do is let them fall or deliver the final blow.  So my question is; do you PK?  Reasons you PK?  Dunno why, just asking.

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  • BuMnAcHaIrBuMnAcHaIr Member Posts: 77

    MMmmm to Pk, or not to Pk..

    Usualy I let people live unless they were being rude ooc or trying to take advantage of lower levels, or just unwilling to concede defeat when theyve lost. This monk in eq asked to spar again my skeleton so i summoned on and let him work on his skills, called it off when he was injured and so on, but when it was time for me to leave, he was unwilling to zone even after being damaged near to death. In this case i was angry that he was being uncooperative even after i helped so i sent him a nice little DoT after he tried to run...=)

    One kick in the face is better then two.

    One kick in the face is better then two.

  • DesperadoDesperado Member Posts: 467

    This depends on 2 things:

    • If this fight was a duel or

    • If this fight was anything other....

    In a duel I usually show the most respect possible to the other player.  He had the courtesy to ASK me to pk or had the courtesy to ACCEPT my challenge in a dignified manner.  Thus no death blow.

    If I'm ambushed or attacked out of the blue, then I will try to kill EVERY SINGLE  PERSON envolved in attacking me.  I will write down their name, their clan/guild's name, and the name of the leader of the guild and try to kill every friggin' one of them that ever have the unfortunate chance of comming across my path!!  .....

    Anywaze, to summ it all up- I stay honorable and nice... until it's time NOT to be honorable and nice.


    "A good man knows his limits, a Great man knows he has none...."


    "A good man knows his limits, a Great man knows he has none...."

  • teratyateratya Member UncommonPosts: 346

    For me I did walk around UO looking over my shoulder for the most part however it did feel REALLY good when a friend of mine and myself were in a dungeon and some fool ambushed us and we straight smoked his ass, looted everything he had, and talked shit to him via spirit speak. That was definietly fun stuff.

    Shots out!

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  • herculeshercules Member UncommonPosts: 4,922

    PvP is something very intresting in that you face another player.

    Now for me I think PvP should have a goal and since I am more intrested in actually gaining my gear and not sit outside town like a lazy brat trying to steal it,UO never had that feeling for me  of PvP.

    It was more of an annoyance going on thoseanti Pkers hunt because a)they end to kill newbies and it takes the newbie time to realise he needs to go to town and ask for help b)by time you and others rush to kill the pker he more often then not logs off.

    So it was a pointless gank fest of newbies and miners.Which got really bad about 1999 when a good portion of players were now pkers and making life for newbies a misery.This was probabaly why UO got converted to a 2 world thing and that seems to have double their subsription in long run.

    To me DAoC got it about right.Fight for glory and honour ,not for easy to get loot.

    DAoC is also organised PvP,which seems to be the right apptoach since THIS is a massive online game doh!

    Also you fight for a reason protect your relics ,protect your keeps.Now if they added protect you lands(ie losing lands) it would have been more intresting.

    You cannot loot an enemy.

    But they also have realm points you can gain there too.

    SWG has a good idea about PvP but atm it is very badly implemented.

    Again organised PvP,no looting,a civil war,pvp only if you want and rewards.

    But class imbalance,no implemetation of goals  has made it lacking compared to DAoC.

    Basically this is the route most companies are taking now.

    Shadowbane tried going back to the old ways but for some reason i just can't figure out why the game is doing so poorly.Or could it be most people don't want this type of ganking no more?could it possibly be?

    now I personally think there is enough of the "no hold back" pvp crowd out there to make a mmropg quite profitable .

    When shadowbane came out I personally went to play it knowing i will not stay long because of the pvp system .But a lot of the old UO types left too .making the game really underpopulated.

    They knew they took a big risk making a game like this and invested a lot of money and time.Many predicted the game will do badly purely on the pvp system it had.

    The game is doing not so great for sure.

    Games like dragon empire that was meant to have a similar system have gotten cold feet and back down a bit.

    So if you really want a future MMROPG to offer that old type of pvp stand by the ones that have a similar system now .

    If you don't other game makers will not want to take the risk and just not make them ,simple as that.


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