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The Curse of Monkey Island out now on Steam!

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edited March 2018 in General Gaming
A brilliant classic Lucas Arts game in glorious 640 x 480! This is by far one of my favorite Monkey Island games. It was the first to add voice over and really fleshed out the main character. Since then Dominic Armato (the voice actor for Guybrush) has done the voice on all remastered versions of the first two games as well as the short Telltale series 'Tales of Monkey Island' and the missing Monkey Island 4.

 I was kinda hoping for an HD remaster of this; and this game could use it. That's probably asking for too much. If you lost your disks or have never played it before it's well worth checking out, even not on sale there is at least 30+ hours of gaming there. As for me I might as well stick to playing on my old disks with SCUM since there are no Steam achievements, cards or anything; though I might just buy on sale to add to my collection or give away.


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