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Do Soulpacks = Lootboxes?



  • AnOldFartAnOldFart Member RarePosts: 543
    Morning everyone.

    Just been catching up on the couple of interesting threads and come back here.

    So I saw someone said about customising souls, I don't like this idea at character creation.

    But what about...

    All souls start off as new, and have an affinity for a certain profession type.
    Then for their first life they benefit from a skill ramp for that first life (just a minor one) so you can further customise (during your life) that soul into, for example, blacksmithing.
    Now on its subsequent lives that soul gets further skill ramps into blacksmithing but gets penalties into any other skill.

    This way everyone has 3 souls they can "customise" (one combat, one crafting, one ????) at the start of the game.

    This would also produce an additional revenue stream as instead of selling "loot boxes" they sell specialised (i.e. combat) clean souls that have the "new soul" skill ramp.
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