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MoNuMeNMoNuMeN Member Posts: 104

OK, so... Graphics is not everything! But seriously, we live in the 21th century, shoulden't we by now be able to make things that atleast don't look as if we've taken cubes and randomly put them together and then by pure luck make them look like humans? ::::03::
Maybe the reason for louzy graphics is coz they put more efforts into storylines...?
But one thing is clear tho, and that is that the fellas who made this game clearly diden't had a mind for mmorpg games and in wich case just cared for the money we pay each month!
I'm the guy who takes graphics for granted! As I said, it's the 21th century, I bet they could have done a game such as this back in the 80's ::::04::
Yer, but that's just my opinion - if your gonna make a game - do it right!
Personally I haven't played the game but first look is everything and seeing this makes me dissy


  • AwakenedAwakened Member UncommonPosts: 595

    Well you have to keep in mind this game's graphics were done at the same time EQ 1's was done.  And if you compare the two Shadowbane's blows the origonal EQ's aways.  You can turn the settings up and it doesn't look bad at all (not anything like Guild Wars or World of Warcraft or anything like that of course). 

    It doesn't have the most up-to-date graphics, but they're not as bad as people think they are, especially if you alter the settings for more detail.  I personally play in low-detail myself because in sieges having fully blown detailing will slow you down when 100 other people are running around nuking and stuff.





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