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BloodaxesBloodaxes Member RarePosts: 4,123
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Got enough participants.

Thank you for anyone that contributed.

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  • DecodeMeDecodeMe Member CommonPosts: 1
    Hi, I'm pretty new here an I wanted to get some help about a puzzle. My friend sent this GIF to me and I've been trying to decode it for 2 days now (mind you, I'm pretty good at these kinds of games, I've been a fan of Sherlock Holmes detective board games for years).

    If anyone has an idea on how to solve it (or maybe just a clue so it won't take the fun out of it), I would really appreciate it.

  • GruntyGrunty Member EpicPosts: 8,657
    edited April 2018
    The image is a magnetic tape read/write head mechanism. Probably VHS or BetaMax.  JVC was a manufacturer of such.
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