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Lets Create Quest!

nerovergilnerovergil Member UncommonPosts: 680
Radiant Quest: For Infinite gameplay

1. Steal an item: retrieve or steal an item in a dungeon, fort, houses,caravan etc.  

-You can go free killing anyone who block your way , or 
- Do it stealthy and dont kill specific person

2. Gather Ingredients: Gather Igrendients for NPC to craft something. It can be anything

3. Kill enemy: NPC, monster, demon, bandit for reward. It can be a bandit leader, royal guard, monsters, demons or VIP NPC. The killing is in stealth or open

4. Bodyguard. Protect someone from assassin for some time. You can be protecting caravan, vip, demons, monster lair, depends which side u choose.

5. traveling merchant. be a merchant sell goods from town to town, including delivery item.

6. Rescue a target: Be a hero! Rescue a client kidnapped by the enemy. They could be deep in the well guarded fotress so u better do it stealth or bring large troops.

7. Kidnap the target. Should i explain more? Need to fight the target until their hp lower than 15% and catch them but your hp most be more than 50%

8. Investigation request: Be a detective, speak to the City Guard about disappeared Citizens. The serial killer need to be traced! 

Serial killer has fleed to either this 2 town, town A or town B. if player choose town A but the serial killer go to town B, u fail the quest. if u choose the right town, u need to find and fight the criminal before the crime start. You need to prepare and predict which place/house the killer will attack.

All of this quest mostly the reward is gold+fame+relationship

Dynamic event radiant quest 

1. assassin encounter after some kill/defend quest (someone send u an assassin). u either need to fight or run if the assassin is way higher level than u and hide for some times (depends how long the assassin contract it can be 1 day or 1 month)

2. Escape the dungeon (timer): Dungeon will collapse when player kill the boss or retrieve the artifact. escape it on time.

3. attack the town,fotress:capture the town and kill the boss

4. defend the town/fotress: defend the town from enemy.

5. save the civilians. civilians been attacked/rob by enemy. be geralt of rivia and save the women


No fast travel. Make travel interesting like more bandit encounter, saving poor npc that been robbed (like witcher 3 saving witch trailer), preparation for traveling like food, making camp if the destination too far.
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