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Review coming back into WoW and leveling to 20 and what needs changed..

EyrothathEyrothath Member UncommonPosts: 200
So let me start off by saying I have not played WoW since before WoTLK, I experienced the Burning Crusade and did not play beyond it.. I still followed the lore quite a bit or at least as much as I could and would watch others play and I was feeling kind of nostalgic about a week ago and gave a new character a shot to level to 20 since I wasn't sure I was going to re-subscribe or not and I am just going to say this. I did not re-subscribe. $15 for a game this outdated seems a little steep and while the leveling is extremely fast paced, Blizzard has to rely on selling codes to its players to start characters at 100 and even 110 since most Veterans probably do not wish to level and I don't blame them. When trying to follow any sort of story whatsoever everything just becomes lost and it makes no sense anymore.. Old content is overlapping with new content Blizzard seems to be only concerned with keeping their veterans happy, focusing mostly on giving them new raids and gear.
How to fix this..

I think Blizzard should have a solo mode for the story where the story is entirely instanced and solo friendly all the way through. This would help players who want to strictly follow a story while leveling Blizzard would be able to update it as the content  changes.

I found myself crafting pretty early on and not that I can use the auction house but I went to see how much some tin would cost me on the auction house and the economy is wrecked, overpriced, 20 gold for 1 bar of tin? Uhh, no thanks. The economy is obviously inflated in WoW and there needs to be less gold on mobs. If my memory serves right you  could literally just loot gold straight from mobs you kill at 100.. Level 1 creatures all the way to 110 should carry the same amount in this persons opinion and there needs to be gold sinks, as much as possible to help get gold out of the economy and drive down costs on the auction house, perhaps they could also put a system in place where you can't sell it for much more on the auction house than  you could selling it at a NPC vendor. and now this brings me to crafting..

I always felt that in a MMORPG that the best items should be crafted by  the players.. I do not know how it is in the higher levels, but in the lower levels this is not the case, I find myself crafting the same exact items than I was when  I quit and  the  pieces I can make have not changed at all and  I was getting better equipment off quests than I was crafting.. Crafters in any MMO should be the main focus, crafters need to be the  driving force of any economy, the ones that the non-crafters go to for items they need  but can not craft themselves.. If there honestly was a class that consisted of not PVE and entirely of crafting, I would not be hesitant to play it, just because I know I love to craft  and make items, but in World of Warcrafts current state I cannot say it is worth it..

Speaking of leveling, why is there  even  a level system still? At this point it is not needed and entirely unnecessary. The game could easily become entirely skill based at this point.. etween RAF dualboxing, boosts, hero classes and the general pace of the game. I find it more of an unnecessary chore and a very lacking experience. Instead of leveling, the devs need to get rid of it for good and revamp the world experience. Make it more exciting, engaging and give people interesting rewards for partaking in learning all about the Warcraft story. (see where I mention about making the story a instanced solo) and the devs are with me on this.. They have said in previous expansion releases that they have considered getting rid of leveling altogether. At one point leveling derived from abilities.. I think they should have kept abilities and gotten rid of leveling however then abilities could have been raised based on what skills you raise (they got rid of class and weapon skills as well) woops, oh well..

And back to questing.. I think there should still be quests out in the "open world" but it should consist of endless quests. Similar to battlegrounds but for PVE where you could perhaps take part in a evolving quest-line that doesn't effect the overall story and then  do it again.. Just place these " events" everywhere and earn rewards.. Similar to raids but out in the open world and something that doesn't effect the story. This way the devs can add the content they need to add without old story overlapping with the new.  There has been talk of the Alliance getting a orc race which brings me to factions.

There has been talk, specifically on these forums of a Draenor Orc race joining the Alliance but if that happens they may as well get rid of factions altogether. I think it would bring in some good role-playing elements if you  could just betray/leave your faction instead by using the reputation system.. Remember what I said in the previous paragraph about PVE similar to battlegrounds? I don't see a reason why taking part in quest-lines where it leads you to losing reputation where your own race/faction and gaining it with another shouldn't exist.. So let's say you are an orc  and you are losing reputation with Orgrimmar through a series of events/quests. It means you are now gaining reputation  with a alliance race (or Stormwind) and you travel to Stormwind when you become friendly with them, do a quest there which would involve joining the alliance..

And that's all I can think of about WoW.. It just feels like the game is really out of date and broken, and it is mainly a cash cow for Blizzard. There is nothing really innovative about it and we now have French scientists working on games with state of the art server technology and A.I. Blizzard really needs to step up their game and I do believe they should and can and take Azeroth into the next century, there is no reason why they shouldn't and reason why they can't. 
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