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Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood celebration event. 1st to 12th of March

Octagon7711Octagon7711 Member LegendaryPosts: 8,860
Now appears to be a good time for leveling those champion points and advancing those dark skill lines. :smile:

From the site:


The Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood Celebration Event is now live, and it will run until 10:00AM EDT on Monday, March 12. During this period, you can earn the following for certain unscrupulous activities in both Hew's Bane and the Gold Coast:

  • Double reward drops for defeating World Bosses
  • Double reward drops for defeating Delve bosses
  • Double Defiled Whiskers drops from Maw of Lorkhaj bosses
    • Note: The article previously stated that all drops from Maw of Lorkhaj bosses were doubled - this was incorrect.
  • Increased rewards for completing Heists
  • Increased rewards for completing Sacraments
  • Double harvesting resources from regular crafting nodes (not nodes from Survey Reports)

Whether you stalk the shadows alone, or lead a crack team of fellow rogues, the rewards surely outweigh the risks during the celebration event. Note that the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhoodrepeatable quests do not have bonus rewards during the event period.


Don't have access to the Thieves Guild or Dark Brotherhood DLC game packs? During the event, you can pick both of them up from the in-game Crown Store for just 500 crowns each. That's a saving of 1500 crowns!

Even better, the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood Collector's Bundles are also both on sale. These two bundles will be available for 1600 crowns each – a saving of 2400 crowns. 

"See everyone at the super secret hideouts!"

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