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Come Join to Galaxy with Heroes & Villains.

FedayginFedaygin Member UncommonPosts: 34
Hello Star Wars Fan who is looking for a home & Galaxy to adventure in o/ Come & join to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes​ & our Guild Eysium Force offers home to stay :) We have friendly members who r rdy to offer assist via chat & Guild's Exchange :) SW: Galaxy of Heroes is operated on Mobile platform, but it also works on Pc Emulator. Emulators are known to be rough for Cpu's, but there r some that step out of that grp. Couple to be more lightweight are Bluestacks & Memu. 

I recommend Bluestacks & Nox is bad. If start using Emulator then remember to set the Ram it uses. At least half of your total Ram & set amount of Cpu cores you have. Our Guild has Web Page & also Voip Room in Teamspeak 3 that can be used for Raid plans or some other Swgoh talk. Once you've advanced far enough to unlock Allies room then enter there via main screen & add my Ally Code: 666-833-295 Guild Window Unlocks at Summoner lvl 18 if memory serves. Remember to do Dailies as reward can be up to 500k.

2 Raids available & 3rd one will be a Sith Themed Raid coming 28.2.2018. Swgoh: 
BlueStacks Pc Emulator: 
Have a good times in the Galaxy & Don't Forget to Relax in Nar Shaddaa o/
Video about Territory Battles, Bluestacks Pc Emulator & our Guild:

"Recycle Whenever Possible To Help The Planet You Walk On"


  • FedayginFedaygin Member UncommonPosts: 34
    edited February 2018
    Not long to go for new Raid & also many changes like QOL improvements. Or well not necessarily always improvement for everyone, but know what it means :P Golden Knights of the Old Republic "content" <3 First time i played Kotor 1 & 2 was around their launch dates & then years forward. Way later when they were launched in Steam i bought them also to my Steam library :)

    At some evening's i have small adventure sessions in Kotor 2 via Steam & using some mods that improve visuals & bring in new outfits. Finished Kotor 1 b in the days with med & highest Difficulty. Such a beautiful adventure. Kotor is life \ o / Soon this Mobile SW "and Pc via Bluestacks Emulator" has got even more content & cool Raiding than Pc Mmo from Eaware x) Wish good Path Ahead for everyone.

    "Recycle Whenever Possible To Help The Planet You Walk On"

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