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Something Mind-Numbing (In A Good Way)



  • ConstantineMerusConstantineMerus Member EpicPosts: 3,338
    What did you end up playing French man? 
    I've been playing Vermintide to get ready for the sequel, and also downloaded Torchlight 2 and Grim Dawn!

    Torchlight 2 has been most heavily played, mainly because I created an Outlander (dual pistols with the duster coat type look) who has a ghost pet/comedic relief (at least, that's the way I "roleplayed" out the character at creation) named Ozzie who summons ghouls to kamikaze my foes in large bursts of putrid flesh and bone!
    Yeah Torchlight 2 was actually my last LAN party session. Really fun game. 
    Constantine, The Console Poster

    • "One of the most difficult tasks men can perform, however much others may despise it, is the invention of good games and it cannot be done by men out of touch with their instinctive selves." - Carl Jung
  • AsheramAsheram Member EpicPosts: 5,072
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