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Sources Claim Disney Has Reached Out to Ubisoft & Activision About Star Wars Games - Star Wars: Batt



  • CelciusCelcius Member RarePosts: 1,636
    I wish they would just make deals for one off games with game developers who come to them with a great idea. Making up contracts for exclusive game rights for years limits the creativity of the brand. Look at Warhammer. Yeah, sure they have a ton of "oh boy this is bad" type games, so maybe don't throw around the license that freely, but you have certainly gotten a variety of different games from them with some really good ones. 
  • gervaise1gervaise1 Member EpicPosts: 6,899
    gervaise1 said:
    gervaise1 said:
    gervaise1 said:
    Grakulen said:

    Bethesda, Bethesda, Bethesda. That's what I want to hear.

    Not gonna happen.
    Is that because they are like Blizzard and only make games with their own IPs?  That's the smart way to go for top developers.  Why pay another company and have to pass everything through a review process.
    Destiny. Bungee.

    Blizzard has nothing to do with destiny 2 other than allowing it in their launcher
    Not so. Rather than create their own IP Activision Blizzard opted instead to pay Bungee. One report said c. $125M for Destiny 1 but there were also, apparently, performance criteria as wll plus the contract was extended out to 4 games so what the final sum will be - other than substantial - is probably unknown.

    That is a little bit more than simply "allowing it in their launcher". As well as pointing out that - in the case of Destiny - Activision Blizzard are prepared to produce games that do not use their IP.
    Blizzard is not Activision/Blizzard.  They pretty much have free reign to develop their games but Activision probably pressured them to add Destiny 2.

    The point is that Blizzard does not work on Destiny 2, like at all.  It's a different developer studio.  Blizzard learned their lesson after working with DC in the 90's.  That was part of why they decided using the Warhammer license would cause problems.  GW didn't drop Blizzard, they never consumated a deal
    Yes under Vivendi - a huge conglomerate - there was a sense that Blizzard always had the option to go over Activision's head and appeal their case. How true that was who knows but that fsemse existed. 

    Since they became Activision Blizzard however they have - clearly - been joined in lock step. They are one. So WoW expansions now release to dates given out to AB shareholder close to a year in advance - regardless of bugs; done when its done has gone.

    So whilst I accept your point that "Blizzard" have had nothing to do with Destiny "Activision Blizzard" have. When AB, for example, decided to buy King or spend - as initially reported by CEO RK - $500M on Destiny that was billions not available to Bliazzard to do what they wanted. They no longer have free reign.
    I haven't seen anything suggesting money was taken away from Blizzard's desired spending.  They have been self sufficient for a very long time.  They spend exactly what they need to spend in order to maintain the profit margins they are happy with.

    Ask yourself who paid Vivendi? If Blizzard keep all their revenue and no reason why Activision wouldn't do the same who came up with the billions spent.

    It is one big company run by a central management team - which will include the heads of Activision, Blizzard and King. And the centre will make the decisions.
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