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Monster Hunter: World New player survival guide

SilentstormSilentstorm Member UncommonPosts: 1,126
edited February 2018 in Monster Hunter World

This is a list of things I wished I knew starting. And just didn't put together until I was already deep into the game. This hopefully new people and maybe veterans. Find some use to this and have an enjoyable time in the game. Monster Hunter World does a great job at putting a solid product for you to play. For people who do not want to watch a video. I'll type it all out below as well. The point is for everyone to have an easier time.

New Player Guide Video

1. Friends are power it will make your life far easier in this game. In fact, in a long time it's actually fun in a game to play with your friends. You see this played out on Twitch every day from top streamers. On the flip side solo play is very enjoyable for the guys who want a challenge.

2. Pick a few weapons to master don't try to do them all. At least not in the beginning resources are limited. You would need to grind obscene hours to manage that. It would make the game boring to anyone.

3. Don't spend armor upgrades early. It will look nice and feel good to be geared for entry level content. But in fact its a huge waste of upgrading materials. You will not be any armor or gear too long early and mid game. Unless you just validly want to stay in it. I don't advise that outside of challenge runs etc.

4. Take advantage of the power of rooms. A few things that make rooms powerful in this game. Is you can put the word out and make it known. Your name and room you make is a friendly area for grinding and progression. People like a non-toxic environment to play it. So if you make a name for yourself as a cool place for gamers. People will flock to your rooms more often than not. This leaves you a multitude of gamers to play with. I know some friends who actually have MHW guild names. And a website with updated room ID's that all stay packed. This also makes the game easier. If you feel not brave enough to start your own. Try and find people to hook up with. 

5. Quest Hopping makes easy money and mats. While we're on the topic of rooms. If you want an easier time making money and farming mats. The previous point makes that easier. But say you found a room dead for the night. Bounce around to the next room and so on. Looking for monsters that fit the gear you seek. Or simply just head to weaker content and farm resources. Or just join missions to sell everything for the mission success. Money builds extremely fast and efficiently this way.

6. Always pick up monster traces. They give you research in this game which allows you to read monsters easily in your in game guide. It can also be used to buy other resources in the. Prices start to get really steep in this game later. So never pass up a monster trace.

7. Be informed and know your enemies use the in-game monster guide or Monster Hunter Wikis. It's fine if you're not that skillful in a fight. In fact, I try and carry people through fights all the time. But the one thing that I and other gamers dislike. Is the lack of knowledge playing. When you have some many tools at your disposal literally one in game. And Thousands outside of it. It's fine to not be great at a game. Anyone can be better, but to not be informed is actually lazy.
resources or Monster Hunter Wiki

8. Power of Palico in this game is often overlooked and take for granted. Your little cat friend actually can save your behind more times than not. The obvious gadgets he has I won't cover because most know that. The hidden power of Palico is the status effects it can cause. I personally love the sleep weapon he has. It can instantly KO majority of the monsters in the game. You can then deliver big damage for free. 

9. Understanding Monster Hunters Leveling Curve and when to upgrade. The game doesn't exactly tell you how to progress or when to fight things. You are free to challenge anything to an extent. As long as you have it unlocked you can swipe at it. This can lead to some very sad situations. Because a lot of people get attached to gear and armor looks (See point 3). The hint in this game is when you unlocked new story content. Notice the max level gear it offers. They usually are all along the same def power. It's usually 2 or 3 gear sets. And they remain useful for 3-7 story quest. Until you reach a new area or story. When you start to notice you're behind by 4-5 sets available to you. That is the point that you need to catch up and things will start to hit you hard.

10. The story gates content and lets you know you may be behind in things. As I said at the end of point 9 the games main story usually serves as the gate. So when you feel stuck a bit try pushing story a little. It may open up new gear for you to grind with friends and overcome.
11. Start working on team composition and buddies or a solo carry build. Believe it or not, the Trinity is present in this game softly. You can have someone tank, someone dps, and someone support or heal. In a 4 man party the game works best like this. Of course you can choose to 100% ignore this and everyone go for themselves. The speedrunner culture just 4 dps blitz or 3 dps and a horn buffer. Anything is viable to be honest so don't feel constrained by anyone meta. The point is to win and have fun. However, if you have a group of friends struggling on something. Try assigning roles and the Tank, DPS, Support route and see how that works for you. I won't suggest weapons for this, I'll leave that for the gamer himself. Every one should find comfort in a weapon role. Without anyone forcing any weapons onto them.

12. Remember in missions you can actually go inside the tent. That allows you to change weapons, armor, items and craft. I didn't even know I could go into that tent. Until 30 hours into the game, that was a funny moment for me.


  • LuxumaruLuxumaru Member UncommonPosts: 259
    Nice advice, thanks! I treated myself to this game for my birthday last week and I've been in love so far.

    Total MMOs played: 274|Enjoyed: 9. >:|

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