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Need something new and fun

mohit9206mohit9206 Member UncommonPosts: 56
I have never been much of an MMOrpg player but i have tried a few games. Of the ones i've tried i have liked Aura Kingdom and NeverWinter. Also i'm not the kind who sticks with an MMO for long,usually a couple of months before i get bored.
I'm looking for something new as i havent played an mmorpg in the last 2 years i think. I looked at a few big names like TERA,Blade & Soul,Revelation Online(this one is dead i think?) and Black Desert Online. 
My requirement is i want to enjoy doing quests and running dungeons with other people and i am not interested in PvP and my PC is low end (Pentium dual core,4gb ram,GT 730,Win 7).
Which game should i try?
Which MMOrpg?
  1. Which one should i play?3 votes
    1. Blade & Soul
    2. Black Desert Online
    3. TERA
    4. Revelation Online
    5. Other


  • Sid_ViciousSid_Vicious Member RarePosts: 2,177
    Darkfall New Dawn just released 1/28/2018... if you don't like PVP than you will quickly pass up others in the game... its easy to learn how to PVE without ever worrying about PVP... and for the risky places just bring others with you and would never have to PVP. On occasion you would maybe have to run to safety or die and be set back for a bit but it makes the game feel much more dangerous and exciting. Lots of people play it who do not like PVP even though the game brags about its PVP features. I think I would have been killed by an enemy out in the open world maybe 3 times so far if I was not intentionally been trying to find PVP and I am streaming so maybe not at all if I wasn't. My point being, the PVE is great and you may love it.

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