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Warframe - Barrier to Entry – Newbie’s Starter Guide to Warframe - MMORPG.com



  • GinazGinaz Member RarePosts: 2,251
    Renoaku said:
    Okay here is what I know about warframe besides upgrading mods.

    1.) Warframe.market <--- for all your shopping needs copy / paste in game to buy items for plat.
    2.) ClanAOD.net, very good Warframe community very helpful towards new players.

    Also throwung Potato's or those Forma in to polarize slots is godly do this for your primes, and maybe one weapon "Soma" is good, but if you like wall hacks and shooting things through walls / easily winning everything early on get an Opticore.
    I would only use a forma on a warframe or weapon that has no Prime or syndicate variant, like Nidus or the Opticore, as they are almost always better, with rare exceptions like the heliocor/synoid heliocor.

    Is a man not entitled to the herp of his derp?

    Remember, I live in a world where juggalos and yugioh players are real things.

  • d_20d_20 Member RarePosts: 1,878
    valoiz said:
    This game is greaT1 should get a new review from mmorpg.com
    Don't need.

    Here's a good review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vuJitrbTFY&t=1s

  • JunglecharlyJunglecharly Member UncommonPosts: 167
    Warframe is a third person- ninja themed -Loot heavy-space drama- parkour-spammy-fair f2p-community driven-grindy diablo without diablo or the lore or the style or the isometric or the paygate or the same lore. So really not a diablo at all, there aren't really any similarities except the grind loot all day
  • KnightFalzKnightFalz Member RarePosts: 1,288
    edited February 2018

    Grunty said:

    Warframe is a colossal waste of time - a loot based game in which you can't actually just loot anything that you can just USE. It's a massive hamster wheel with floaty/clunky combat and unsatisfying gunplay. 6.6 is more than fair. If you value your time, steer clear of this game.

    Shouldn't you put this as just your opinion? I mean the millions of players who enjoy the game would differ with you and ask what isn't a waste of time for you then? I mean you make it seem as if what you say is fact and not your opinion.

    Do you need every person you meet to state their opinion is an opinion?  Do you need those whose opinion agree with yours to state it's their opinion?  Or just those who disagree with you?  Do you state the your opinion is an opinion every time you give one?

    The poster was calling the game a waste of time I was just pointing out that they should state it to be their opinion and not a fact about the game. Was more me just chiming in about it. I didn't know his personal protector was going to come on here to defend every opinion everywhere. I never said whether he was in different opinion with me or not.

    IMPO you want to attack my comment because I thought the poster should put it as their opinion of the game. If it makes you feel better then by all means be my guest.

    All qualitative evaluations are inherently matters of opinion. Though claytondora could have redundantly stated the obvious as many choose to do, there is no basis to support your contention it should be so.

    Is pointing that out an attack on you? It is meant simply as an explanation of why your expectation had no foundation and as such your request no reason to be made.

    Whether you choose to perceive it as a personal attack is up to you.
  • KnightFalzKnightFalz Member RarePosts: 1,288

    ... If you value your time, steer clear of this game.

    If you value your time, there are better ways to spend it in order to improve your career rather than gaming in the first place.

    Those that value their time should spend it on what they value.

    Whether that be career, or something else entirely, depends on the values of the person in question.
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