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Microsoft payment issues

AbimorAbimor Member RarePosts: 777
So I Have a guy at lvl 50 on sto pc but the controller support is horrendous at least i couldnt figure out how to get it to work. so i tried it out on Xbox and its great. So I want to buy the lifetime I know some people don't think its worth it. anyhow to my main point i tried to buy the zen for it and i got this error: We’re having trouble processing your payment and we’d like to get it sorted out. so i contact Microsoft they blamed it on my credit card i called the credit card company and they say its not us. So I used a different card and same error.
Contacted Micro again and low and behold  it is a problem with them. now i got elevated to some team action team anyhow if this ever happens to you call Microsoft its not just sto either i saw some guy was having issues in fifa.
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