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LF MMORPG can be Hardcore

tomy111tomy111 Member UncommonPosts: 36
edited January 2018 in LFGame
  • popular game not dying or dead game

  • i want for long terma (5-8h every day )

  • Must be very Active Endgame PVP/PVE

  • Open World (also like zerg/mass pvp) or Arena PVP

  • i dont want slow lvling / i dont want boring combat / i dont want shity graphic / i dont want 1000 quest / idc for story / i dont want boring quest

  • i want alot endgame contents idc for early contents

  • i like grind with party Dungeons / Raids / open world mobs / floors ...

  • i dont want feel like i playing single player game (i mean endgame world very alive idc while i leveling)

  • i dont want max gear after 1week ( i want slow improving my gear not crazy slow )

    Already tryed FFXIV but cant pass boring leveling

    also played gw2 long time ago 2012 is better now?

game i  enjoyed old l2 c4-c6 i like mass pvp / zerg pvp with clan or party / baium pvp .. i played alot pservers but now most pserver are crazy p2w and reset every month :S


  • DzikuniDzikuni Member UncommonPosts: 38
    26.01 new start, a lot ppl coming back from old dfo
  • A1D3NA1D3N Member UncommonPosts: 276
    Black Desert Online..... its everything u ask for

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    ...... :(

  • Sid_ViciousSid_Vicious Member RarePosts: 2,174
    Really enjoying the new Darkfall that just came out! Cannot believe I still have so much fun in this game. So awesome that it has had a fan base keeping it alive this long. It may be your last shot in trying this game to see what all the fuss was about.... IS about. Released last week! Toughest weapon I have seen so far has only been a nooby rank 20 for the entire world. This one was done much differently than the others. Its very interesting... feels like an experiment and all of the things that I had complained about at first are really starting to interest me. Race vs race wars and ninja pirates waiting for people moving their banks in an EVE-like localized banking system. Pretty cool potential, although I am still having a hard time going over a few things in my head (like how cruel it is to make every character so custom, hope doesn't cause rage-quitters) but so far I am hooked!

    NEWS FLASH! "A bank was robbed the other day and a man opened fire on the customers being held hostage. One customer zig-zag sprinted until he found cover. When questioned later he explained that he was a hardcore gamer and knew just what to do!" Download my music for free! I release several albums per month as part of project "Thee Untitled" . .. some video game music remixes and cover songs done with instruments in there as well! Check out my roleplaying blog, collection of fictional short stories, and fantasy series... updated on a blog for now until I am finished! Watch me game on occasion or make music... and subscribe!

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