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Multi-million dollar investments in CF and CU, and no loot boxes. LoLWhut?



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    Kyleran said:
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    Realizer said:
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    Dvora said:
    I dunno, but I would put money on Crowfall at least having lootboxes within a 6 months of release, whether they say they will or not.  Feels too much like Overwatch in fantasyland for it not to.
    I feel the same way, even if not infamous Battlefront II type of "loot boxes", that give a competitive edge, I am sure they will have some kind of RNG store items to keep people buying into the game.

    Like for example, GW2, has RNG Mini's, Dyes, Weapon Skins, and Black Lion Chests that can ofer a wide variety of rare cosmetic items, and while all of it is purely cosmetic and do not provide any in game advantage, they serve the purpose of keeping people buying more of them, to play the RNG lottery to get what they want.

    I would be very stunned if CF/CU did not have something along that vein to build continual in game revenue.
    Yeah I really doubt MJ would spend so many hours constantly repeating himself on the fact there will be NO LOOT BOXES EVER. He basically screamed it, and he also said FUCK LOOT BOXES. You'd know that if you were enlightened though. It's usually better to become moderately acquainted with something before you attempt to become some sort of arbiter of information. Or in your case opinions.    

     GW2 is a buy to play game, CU will have a subscription. There's no reason they would need to use loot boxes like gw2 does. 

    Edit: If you want to know why CU got the extra funding it's because they took the time and effort to create a VR demo with their CUBE building system that apparently the investor was blown away by, and wanted to throw money at it. 

     Perhaps COE should buckle down as previously mentioned, and get to doing some actual work if they want someone to give them money. 
    but as others have said, this does not address Crowfall at all.

    and minor addition.

    Camelot Unchained.. PLANS to have a Subscription, so did Rift, Wildstar. TERA and a slew of other games. I it would be pretty good odds that as others have said, the Sub model will be dead in 6 months, and they will need to find some other source of income.
    Not as far as I can tell unless the game just isn't good, which could be possible of course. Because MJ has set this studio and the funding up in a way that he won't have to worry about coming up with the money. MJ said he would not seek investment amounts greater than he has the ability to pay back personally as he refuses to lose the company to an investor like he did with Mythic to EA.  I think he learned his lessons of the past and has repeatedly said this game will survive even if most the backers aren't subbed, it just will lose the ability to grow. 

     That's the difference between CU and COE, MJ has the foresight to structure his company on a small scale with the ability to grow if there's demand, but you can do that when you employ people who have built some of the most popular MMOs around.  

    For the record, Dark Age of Camelot is still being played on a $15 sub model almost 17 years after it launched. If you have the ability to make a good game, it will survive.  
    For the record, DAOC added an in game cash shop last year, its called the Mithril Merchant and you can buy packs on the Origin Store.

    Also, I know what Mark has stated,  promised, or vowed previously regarding monetization models, but things (like people's minds) change.

     Well as always I appreciate your point of view, and yes obviously I'm aware of verbal loopholes and that "loot boxes" aren't the only alternative to subs. As always it will depend on the population and Mark's pocket. Fortunately he's done fairly well for himself over the years, and if absolutely needed can keep things running for quite a while if he had to.  Personally I don't care about cosmetic cash shops, so it wouldn't bother me. I'm sure it would bother others though.

    I'm also still currently subbed to DAoC along with a few other MMOs. So I'm also aware of the cash shop they added, which I personally voted for.  Broadsword are doing things the old way by only doing what players ask for. It's a small community these days though, so they have much less risk of alienating players with changes like that.
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