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Why Atlantica Online?

SmashixSmashix Member UncommonPosts: 91
Just a few reasons for players to at least try Atlantica Online:
  • It's free to play, no content is locked behind a paywall. You can play every zone, area and dungeon in the game completely free, all the way up to level 180. There is an Item Mall, but you do not have to use it to succeed, as you do in some F2P games.
  • 13 main character classes and over 70 mercenaries make for an amazing variety of play styles. Pus, you can swap out mercenaries as often as you like, giving you more variety anytime you want.
  • You can craft an amazing variety of game items, including most armor and weapons. You can also repair anything you can craft, making armor repairs cost a trivial amount. And if you can't repair something, someone in your guild or nation probably can and will, typically for free.
  • You can resell most armor and weapons! This makes a huge difference when upgrading your team of 1 main character and 8 mercenaries to the next armor class.
  • Teleportation and Auto-Move! Need to go somewhere in Atlantica? No 8 minute gryphon rides necessary! You click on a location on the world map and it teleports you. If you don't have a teleportation license, you can teleport to the nearest city for nearly nothing. Once in that town, you click on the area you want to go to and it'll move you there automatically while you go get more coffee.
  • Remote quest access. No need to run back to the quest giver for each step of your quest.
  • Player housing. Useful player housing. ;-)
  • One of the best player communities in any MMO I have played.
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