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State of Elyria update from Caspien (Jan 2018)



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    Kyleran said:
    Ungood said:
    Kyleran said:
    Ungood said:
    Kyleran said:
    Wizardry said:

    This particular game obviously did NOT have the proper funds,so he went on a whim,that is no way at all to build a serious game.We were lead to believe through deceptive wording that they could build the game and would be paid for via costs of dying.I questioned it then and soon realized just BS.

    So then i just have to wonder,why can i see the obvious and yet so many blind people out there,are they just incredibly naive,dumb what is it?Yeah sometimes you need some long time learned knowledge to decipher BS but often it stares us right in the face.

    I personally wouldn't call it a -whim- when Caspain has also invested $500,000 of his own money into the project. I have a lot more respect for someone who is willing to take such a huge risk to chase their dream. Then someone who sits back in his chair, hiding behind a computer screen and passes judgment on 16000+ people he doesn't know by calling them blind, naive and dumb. 

    How does the old saying go? "Those who pass judgment, often haven't accomplished anything themgselves"
    Old sayings about judgement? Fun. How about this one?  

    "You're going to come across people in your life who will say all the right words at all the right times. But in the end, it's always their actions you should judge them by. It's actions, not words, that matter.""

    Time for some action me thinks....
    Caspian put house and his job into this.. that shows a lot of investment on his part, he has more to lose then anyone involved, so I am sure he is not sitting around with his thumb up his ass wasting time and goofing off.

    With that said.. what kind of action do you think he needs to provide to placate your urges that he is in fact taking action?
    Show something cool that demonstrates discernible progress. See Ashes if you want to know how it should be done, they're walking viewers through new dungeons and its been less than a year since the KSer closed. 

    Crowfall, CU, SC and Pantheon all had something to show by the 2 year mark, and I believe were letting early backers in on pre alpha builds.
    Well I have been watching Crowfall and Panethon.

    I am not sure what is that Others have Put Out that CoE is not already doing.
    • World Map Videos - Check
    • Character Models & Creation - Check. 
    • Combat - Check
    • Kingdom Management Videos - Check
    • Bunch of Art - Check
    • Journal Updates - Check
    In fact, CoE, has put out a ton of stuff showing they are constantly working on this project, constantly moving forward, and making sure the public sees their progress.

    I really ca't think of what more they could put out, if it;s simply an issue of their progress not being fast enough for you.. well.. there is nothing I can in that regard other then.. too bad.
    Don't let the smoke and mirrors of information overload on how "busy " everyone is or has been fool you. (Blinded by the Light" is my new term for it)

    CU and SC use this to great effect and yet neither can really show much of anything that is rock solid and near ready for release, nor are they willing to project when they will be.

    It doesn't matter what work you have completed, other than to be sure it is of good quality.

    What work is left, when will it be completed and do they have the resources they need to finish are the more relevant points, at least for me.  

    See this is my whole point.

    They don't need to put out more "smoke and mirrors" they need to find a backer and focus on the game without distractions.

    Has anyone got good work done with someone looking over their shoulder and fussing about every little thing they did?
    Egotism is the anesthetic that dullens the pain of stupidity, this is why when I try to beat my head against the stupidity of other people, I only hurt myself.
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