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(rumor) Playstation 5 in 2019 SSD 4k 120 fps

DragnelusDragnelus Member EpicPosts: 3,503

Blue ray Disc
Touchpad interface
2TB quick release SSD
4k 120 fps
DualShock 5 magnetized, touchpad and keypad

haha not sure how true this is.

Phry[Deleted User]


  • EldrachEldrach Member RarePosts: 425
    Sony wold never put FPS as a guarantee, certainly not 120 as 99% of 4k tvs support 60hz
  • CickoCicko Member UncommonPosts: 14
    4k 120 fps support... interesting
  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 43,677
    Have my doubts,  2 TB SSD drive is currently a $1K upgrade on a Sager laptop I recently priced, can't see them coming down enough to be in a console any time soon.

    But if this were true it might be my first ever
    console purchase 

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  • EldrachEldrach Member RarePosts: 425
    edited January 2018
    I could see this happening is maybe 2022, 4k 120fps wouldn't be too far fetched at that point, and 2tb ssd in 2022 will be reasonably priced. 

    Looking at that "promo" video, that console would be friggin awesome tho :P
  • VrikaVrika Member LegendaryPosts: 7,902
    I think those specs are unlikely. Sony would not want to put that expensive hard disk on their console.
  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,412
    edited January 2018
    I think it is unlikely they will use an optical disk moving forward verse something like a USB drive. The USB drive will provide better transfer rates and let the package of the game and console be smaller. It will also limit backwards compatibility which in some ways is a positive if your drive is to push consumers into a subscription based service. A 120 or 256GB SSD does make a bit of sense here.
  • SavageHorizonSavageHorizon Member EpicPosts: 3,473
    Vrika said:
    I think those specs are unlikely. Sony would not want to put that expensive hard disk on their console.

    I think Sony can afford to put that hard drive in its next console. With those specs they will sell enough to be in the blue. 

  • KabulozoKabulozo Member RarePosts: 932
    edited January 2018
    This story of 120 fps comes from PS3 annoucnement era. It's laughable people still believe in this bs. No matter how powerful a console can be, games will always be more and more graphically demanding, and developers will always give priority to graphics/resolution over frame rates for consoles,
  • RidelynnRidelynn Member EpicPosts: 7,383
    I say 0 chance of that coming out as is. This looks more like a fan boys wet dream than any sort of skunkworks rumor.

    I would believe a Blu-Ray drive, and sure some games would come that way, but the emphasis already is on the digital storefront. I expect more storage. The physical drive is just so that it can continue to be a piece of the home theater equipment. Combined with PS Vue (not to mention their entire suite of home theater electronics), Sony still has every intention of being at the heart of your home theater.

    SSD - probably in an arrangement like Apple Fusion or Intel SRT. People are already cramped on 1TB drives, and throwing in all-SSD storage would be nice, but I don't think by 2020 we'll quite see price parity on SSD vs HDD, but the gap is closing. I'd expect something like 4-5TB, with maybe 256M of that being SSD storage. 

    Speaking of digital downloads, I think we are overdue to see some improvement there. I think we'll see a lot more push into what the MMO patchers have shifted to - you get what you absolutely need in the bulk download, then stream (and cache) the rest as you need it. Microsoft already hinted they are moving their digital storefront closer to this. As titles continue to grow in size, even people with very robust ISP connections are going to start to feel the pinch, but smart downloaders can go a very long way in alleviating that, as well as optimizing storage requirements.

    4K.. yeah. HDR certainly. We have that already. 120 FPS.. you might get some titles to run like that, but not the big AAA titles. Instead, it will be "Up to ...." whatever, with HDMI 2.1 VRR (which the Xb1X already supports, sort of). I think that still, the majority of titles will struggle to get a stable 60FPS. There may be some new tricks that pop up at CES between now and then that get thrown in as well, but overall I don't think there will be a lot of exciting new news here, just continued improvement on what we already have. Even with the PS4Pro, we still don't have stable 60FPS 1080 across a majority of titles - and perhaps we shouldn't, as devs will focus on using all the available resources to give what they think is the best effect, and maybe higher graphics at the expense of framerate is OK sometimes.

    Tech-wise, I wouldn't be surprised with a shift from GDDR5 to HBM or GDDR6.

    I would expect a continued emphasis on VR, Sony has actually been somewhat successful with that. The controllers will probably see a tweak to help in that vein, but I don't expect anything radical on the DualShock - it's not changed a whole lot since the original PS1.

    I don't know how well PSNow is doing for Sony (their streaming "backwards compatibility" solution"). I can't use it, I don't have enough bandwidth. I know I would prefer a more traditional route, but I can understand why they are pushing this direction as well. 

    Backwards compatibility with PS4 would be an interesting proposition. It will likely be another x64/GCN based APU, but no guarantees on that. A jump to Zen/Vega would present some optimization hurdles, but nothing nearly as huge as changing from PPC to x64 did. It's a definitely possibility, but I wouldn't be surprised if Sony did something like lock it behind PS Plus.

    As well as PS4 is doing, I don't see Sony in a big hurry to push out a PS5. Nintendo isn't a direct threat, not because they aren't a credible company (they very much are), but Nintendo makes very different products from Sony (and Microsoft), the market share there isn't nearly as exclusive. The last time Nintendo tried to directly compete, it went very poorly for them (WiiU was initially billed as a AAA gamer platform, it was not, and the Switch doesn't even make a pretense about it). And even with the XB1X, Microsoft has a lot of ground to cover before they are a real threat to Sony... it's possible, Sony eventually caught up with Microsoft after making a similar stumble last generation, but it took them nearly 10 years to do it. I don't see Sony giving this generation 10 years before a PS5 comes out.

    PS4 was orignally released in 2013. PS4 Pro came out 2016, a 3 year cycle. I would expect a "PS5" in 2019-2020, the timeline and cadence seem about right. They need to make sure they have enough tech in there to not only differentiate it well enough from the PS4/Pro, but also the XB1X. Right now I don't think that exists in a form factor that will fit under a TV (entire console under 300W), even with a move to Zen/Vega I don't think we get to a dramatic enough jump. I think we may need to look at a jump a couple of generations from now: whatever comes past Navi and Volta, and that may still be a few years yet. Otherwise we are just looking at another refresh of a refresh - the PS4 Super Pro or something. And again, maybe that isn't a bad thing either, that's what PC Master Race has been doing since... forever.
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  • DeserttFoxxDeserttFoxx Member UncommonPosts: 2,402
    Why would anyone be looking forward to a ps5 this early? Ps4 current game library is weak, now you want to buy another console that will have another nonexistence library, so you will have to buy games for both?

    The only way a ps5 would be good is if it is a only a future proof platform that does does not try to make ps4 obsolete. I needs to be 100% backwards compatible, both digital and disc.

    Anything less than that, you might as well join the pc master race, because youre just getting fucked.

    4k/120hz blah blah blah, these things are heavily gated by your graphics card and your monitor/tv and unless you buy a tv capable of pulling this off, it doesnt matter what they tell you. Is it going to have a 1080ti equivalent graphics card? Or will it be another mid tier card that ensures it wont last 2 years because it launched out of the gate inferior.

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  • barasawabarasawa Member UncommonPosts: 618
    Seems early for the PS5 to come out. Not only would it mean they've given up on the PS4 & PS4 Pro, but that they're spooked and think they need more mindshare. 

    A 2tb drive, no problem, but a 2tb SSD drive, now that's a very expensive problem!  Currently the prices on those are WAY too high for a console, even at wholesale. Even in two years there's not much chance it'll be low enough. 

    Dual Shock 5, magnetized.  Ok, what the heck does that mean? You can stick it to your fridge? I can think of no purpose for a controller being magnetized except maybe so robots like Bender can hold it easier. 
    If anyone can come up with a viable reason why it might be magnetized, please tell, otherwise I'm putting it in the total b.s. category. 

    4k at 120fps.  That seems rather unlikely. It also exceeds the display rate of the tv/monitor, but that hasn't stopped graphics card makers from cranking out increasing fps rates. But being able to reliably pump out 120 fps at 4k resolution would still be an extremely expensive, even at estimates for a few years from now, but if they're working on the major components of the PS5 now, they'd be using currently available components. Ideally they'd need to lock in the component price now since they'd have to have a stock available for production in time for the initial release, so they sure as heck wouldn't be getting the benefit of future price drops. 

    All in all the specs posted look suspicious, and the total price would be thousands of dollars, which is a price point no console will ever launch at. (Attempts at the $1000 price failed, more than that would be utterly laughable.)

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  • AethaerynAethaeryn Member RarePosts: 3,149
    Sounds unlikely.  I sure hope people get rid of optical disks in the future though. . I won't be buying another console that uses them.  It made sense when they were a huge storage boost over digital.   Not so much anymore. . I want to download or get a USB / cartridge again :)

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  • tawesstawess Member EpicPosts: 4,227
    To soon... unless someone figure our how to shift the power/cost balance... A lot. 

    2020 perhaps and at the current rate i am pretty sure it will not have a disc drive at all. The era of the physical media (much like the brick n mortar game store) is fading. Especially if you can sell a crazy overpriced external device to do that later should the need arise. =P

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  • QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 25,371
    Torval said:
    Kyleran said:
    Have my doubts,  2 TB SSD drive is currently a $1K upgrade on a Sager laptop I recently priced, can't see them coming down enough to be in a console any time soon.

    But if this were true it might be my first ever
    console purchase 
    It might be realistic. There is a SanDisk 2TB 3D NAND SSD for $530 on Newegg. That's a good price and by 2019 OEM costs on some kinds of nand drives could drop as newer technologies arrive. SSDs are much slower than something like Optane and its platform peers.

    edit: including link to Newegg for convenience.

    I'm a little skeptical too though and that's a long way down the road. Most console games are written to mask load times so solid state tech only has a noticeable benefit when loading large game saves and textures as the game plays. With 4K on the horizon that might make sense, but it's not that exiting for existing games.

    It will be interesting to see what Microsoft and Nintendo have planned. The Switch is on fire and studios seem to love it, but I can see the allure of having PC hardware power driving the console. The XB1X is already solid for PC titles. All Microsoft needs to do is bump up the hardware a bit.

    Even though this is impressive, I'm more interested in getting a Switch next. I'd rather have Fallout 4 on the go than a slightly beefier Playstation. The Xbox is also more attractive to me now because of Xbox Live for Win10 and every growing cross platform play with Steam. I already have a PS4 for platform exclusives.
    I could see a 2 TB SSD in game consoles happening eventually, but not in 2019.  If the SSD costs $300 by 2019, that's still way, way too expensive for a $500 game console.
    [Deleted User]
  • TillerTiller Member LegendaryPosts: 11,273
    edited January 2018
    That video looks fan made lol

    That and the song is  TheFatRat-Unity and has been used on other videos around Youtube.

    Chalk this up as a hoax/wishful thinking
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  • QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 25,371
    I'd imagine a future version of something akin to Kaby Lake-G.  Stick 8 x86 cores, a Navi or Volta GPU, and a stack of HBM3 all in the same package with a ~100 W TDP.  As a multi-chip module, you get the size benefits of an integrated GPU, without needing the CPU and GPU to come from the same vendor.  Staying with x86 CPUs would make backward compatibility to a PS4 on the CPU side basically trivial.  The GPU could be harder, though if it's a Vega GPU, or if Navi or whatever is basically GCN plus some extra stuff rather than a massive overhaul that can't do things GCN can do, backward compatibility in its entirety could be easy.
  • RidelynnRidelynn Member EpicPosts: 7,383
    edited January 2018
    Torval said:
    @Ridelynn I think Nintendo could be pinching Sony a bit.

    For one it's the fastest selling console in US history (not global). Games like Minecraft and Skyrim are in the top ten played and the top 20 includes FIFA 18 and NBA2K18. To me that signals that Bethesda, EA, Activision, etc are going to be much more interested in Nintendo than they have been previously.

    The PS4 is still strong though. I'm not sure why Sony would be in a rush to obsolete it just for the same thing with slightly beefier hardware.

    There will be some cross-console games, for sure. But the sheer difference in hardware capability and the way the Switch is marketed, Nintendo is a bigger threat to Apple than it is to Sony.

    Porting AAA games over from 3-4-5-6 years ago (Skyim, Fallout 4, etc) is a lot different than a current title. I wouldn't go so far as to say you couldn't get Destiny 2 or HDZ or MGSV running on a Switch, I'm sure you could, and Doom proves it could work. But it's a very different experience, and one that doesn't necessarily play to the strengths of the Switch (which is gaming-on-the-go).

    I do think that between the 3DS and Switch, and iOS and Android, that's why Sony basically killed off the VIta.

    Also something to keep in mind - they don't necessarily have to obsolete anything with a new hardware release. They didn't with the PS4 Pro. Nintendo didn't between the Wii and WiiU (although they did with Switch). I don't know that Microsoft will ever again, now that they have unified behind Win10. At some point, yeah, you may want to make a break, but I'd agree, it's a bit too soon for Sony just yet.
    [Deleted User]
  • VrikaVrika Member LegendaryPosts: 7,902
    Torval said:
    Kyleran said:
    Have my doubts,  2 TB SSD drive is currently a $1K upgrade on a Sager laptop I recently priced, can't see them coming down enough to be in a console any time soon.

    But if this were true it might be my first ever
    console purchase 
    It might be realistic. There is a SanDisk 2TB 3D NAND SSD for $530 on Newegg. That's a good price and by 2019 OEM costs on some kinds of nand drives could drop as newer technologies arrive. SSDs are much slower than something like Optane and its platform peers.

    edit: including link to Newegg for convenience.
    They might decide to sell some kind of elite version of the console with 2TB SSD, but for basic version any HD costing above $100 is unlikely. Sony would lose their casual gamers to Microsoft if Sony made their console more expensive because of hard disk choice.
  • DarkSpearTriantDarkSpearTriant Member CommonPosts: 8
    2020 at the earliest.
  • Loke666Loke666 Member EpicPosts: 21,441
    Vrika said:
    I think those specs are unlikely. Sony would not want to put that expensive hard disk on their console.
    I think Sony can afford to put that hard drive in its next console. With those specs they will sell enough to be in the blue. 
     With current SSD prices they will loose a lot of money on each console. While Sony and MS have lost money before on the console to get them back in game royalties this would be too much to recover.

    And I don't think it is likely that the prices will go down enough for a 2 TB 2019, possible for 1 but not 2. 2022 as someone else stated is more likely but that makes the whole rumor a bit doubtful.

    That Sony needs a new Playstation soon is rather clear though. For one thing does it perform rather doubtful in VR with too low FPS and it seems like 4K screens are starting to become popular.  Also, the consoles need to be updated now and then unless they want to risk losing to PCs, if the PC get too far ahead it will get many exclusive games that the consoles need.

    But "soon" is more within 5 years then next year.
  • Tatsuya9411Tatsuya9411 Member UncommonPosts: 28
    Whoever unironically believes in this 120fps when right now even in non 4k they are struggling to reach 60 fps is smoking some strong one
  • ConstantineMerusConstantineMerus Member EpicPosts: 3,338
    Sony puts devices into homes, they're really good at that. 4K @120hz has no home, and won't have any in 2019. This is just being silly. Who has a 4K @120hz display here? There are a handful of monitors that can handle that and most people play consoles on their TVs. 

    I think Sony would follow the next gen. next half-gen. trend. So they won't create a device with features that won't be usable for most of the consumers for years. Maybe PS5 Pro would hit 120fps, even that. My bet is PS5 would do 4K @60 for most titles and PS5 Pro would do 4K@60 for all titles, some providing more fps or graphic options. 

    What do you expect from a device that only costs $400?! 
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  • ScotScot Member LegendaryPosts: 23,367
    You virtually can't get a monitor that supports 120 fps at 4k. But the definition of what 4k is gets rather stretched, that's the only way I think this could be possible.
  • kostasvkostasv Member CommonPosts: 7
    Maybe the 4K will be as standard but a 2TB SSD is highly unlikely, maybe a 2TB 'hybrid' drive (with SSD cache) but everything will depends on how 'fast' the big studios can upgrade their engines to get games out as otherwise it will be expensive and with no content...
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