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Player's Choice 2017 - The Most Wanted MMO - General Awards



  • TillerTiller Member LegendaryPosts: 11,274
    Crazy Crowfall barely made a showing.I thought more folks looked at it as the second coming. I was also expecting AOC to win and I'm actually surprised Pantheon won in the end.
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  • KilsinKilsin Member RarePosts: 515
    Intrepid Studios values honesty and integrity and are happy to see the same values from  Our philosophy of honesty, integrity and a no P2W environment with a fully transparent development window are core principles we adhere to, and promote to our amazing community. Congrats to the Ashes community for a second place showing!

    And a huge congrats to our fellow San Diego studio Visionary Realms, and their awesome project, Pantheon Rise of the Fallen!! 

    Thank you, Steven, we appreciate the kind words and echo them right back at you and the AoC team, my friend! 

    Congrats on placing so well and giving us a well-earned scare, we are glad to be in such good company and surrounded by others we respect and we look forward to many more tightly fought battles in 2018.

    From all of us here at Visionary Realms and the Pantheon community, we wish you all the very best :)

    Kind Regards,

    Ben "Kilsin" Walters
    [Deleted User]ConstantineMerus
  • KilsinKilsin Member RarePosts: 515
    Woohoo, two years running!

    A huge thank you to our community and everyone who voted for us, once is a great achievement but twice sends us a clear message and we want you all to know we are listening :)

    We look forward to a huge year ahead and can't wait to see many of you in testing or on our official platforms!

    Thank you.

    Kind Regards,

    Ben "Kilsin" Walters
    [Deleted User]ScorchienElrandir[Deleted User]ConstantineMerus
  • Spidermonkey1082Spidermonkey1082 Member UncommonPosts: 3
    While I am excited for Ashes of Creation, I just felt that Pantheon gets my vote. Pantheon is looking to be that MMO I have been waiting for. Just crossing my fingers and patiently waiting now.
  • ThebeastttThebeasttt Member RarePosts: 1,130
    lol@people who think Pantheon releases before 2020
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