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[NA] Spartan Legion

JownzJownz Member UncommonPosts: 60

Veteran guild for 15+ Years since Ultima Online, DAOCS, Shadowbane, Darkfall, Mortal, Darkfall Unholy Wars, BDO, LiF. World First Archeage and Tera competitors and many more. 250 member + Guild, succeeded in Alpha and Beta, Discord is REQUIRED! Leader Unbeaten Spartan and his family of officers returns since UO, DAOC, Shadowbane, DFUW, Tera, BDO, LiF, GV, and Archeage to lead another chapter in Spartan history.

Who are we?

Our guild has and always will be driven by Pride of Family. What does Pride of Family mean? In many guilds before this one we had never felt the name or emblem above our heads meant anything. Some guilds even set out to make a mockery of it, with stupid silly names like pink fluffy tails. We set out to change that, and over the years we have built a community that would not have it any other way. They take pride in their name, their guild but most of all their family. We treat each member in our guild as a brother in arms, meaning you will not PvP alone or find yourself stuck on a quest within the world. We quite simply never leave a guild mate behind…. However, here's the catch written in black in white, we will also not baby you or hold your hand, if you are simply inept to wear our tags then it's simply that. But we will put hours and days into training anyone with the heart for it.

Our Purpose?

Spartan Legion is recruiting serious players who wish to experience the best of end game in Life is Feudal. We are PvP and group oriented; however, we still have plenty of players interested in building and crafting especially if needed to PvP effectively. To put our guild in a nutshell we will build and expand to PvP, so yes we will build or craft as required, but our weekends and the majority of our playtime will be soaked in the blood of enemies.

How do I join?

Simply apply on website or post on this forum, and use Discord when you play.


Discord, free to use, simply PM for details, or use the link on site.

Facebook page:


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