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The story of my astronomically unreasonable lunch today

timtracktimtrack Member UncommonPosts: 541
edited December 2017 in Off-Topic Discussion
As usual it starts with a discussion about where to eat. All the usual go-to places have a pretty bland selection today, so we decide on a subpar asian place that we only go to in situations like these, where none of the other places have anything that anyone likes on the menu. To get to this place you have to cross a small square which is also a tram station. It's quite an empty square and people don't usually hang out there unless they are waiting for the tram. No other choice of restaurant would have us cross this square.

Said and done - we go there. We pick up our food and start walking back. While crossing the square again on the way back, In the center of it, 2 seemingly homeless people are going through a trash can with great enthusiasm. It looks like they are digging up computer parts. They were not there when we crossed the first time. Just as we pass them i see 1/3 of something familiar sticking out of the trash can. It has been put up in this position on purpose to not block the goodies under it. On pure instinct i grab it on the go and keep walking. Looking back as i walk, the homeless people are digging up graphics cards and all kinds of things. I look back to my newly found treasure... could it be?...

Yep. It's an Ideazon ZBoard. My all-time favorite keyboard (bar the updated Merc Stealth version which is pretty much the same but back-lit) that has not been in production for many years. My co-worker who was with me knows about my affection for these keyboards and how i'm always keeping an eye on second hand markets trying to find them at reasonable prices. We were both baffled by the shere odds of this even happening, at that particular place nonetheless, which is as far from a computer-parts-scavenging-hotspot as it gets. The stars aligned. I was meant to find this. 

It seems to work perfectly and looks almost new (no wear and tear on the keys/prints) except for the cheetos-fat on it. It just needs a good cleanup.

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