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Questions before i get this

SendenSenden Member UncommonPosts: 602

Hey, i have a 400 hitpoints on my fileplanet account and i am going to get either this or raven shield. Can someone please answer me a few questions before i commit to one or the other? Before i ask them i will give you a bit of background information about my gaming experiences.

Basically i love MMO games, i love other games too but none come close to MMO games for me. I firstly spent 2 years on runescape and loved it but then moved onto SWG and found that to be great but eventually quit due to personal life commitments. I eventually bought WoW and have played that very happily for 6 months and have a level 60 character. Also in this time, i have tried just about all the major ones to see if the grass was greener on the other side and these include EQ2, CoH, MxO, FF11 and GW. None of these even compared to my love for WoW so i continued playing that. I love the PvP aspect of the game and the honor system and battlegrounds really have increased my love for the game. Now onto the questions...

1, What classes are available? i understand it works a bit like EQ2, where you choose a starting class and then once you reach level 10, you move off onto a different one. Is there any ninja like characters? I loved playing rogue on WoW because of the stealth aspect and the general overall dps.

2, What is in the end game here?

3, What is the combat system like? I loved the WoW one where you can make up your own strategies instead of spamming your moves for the highest damage.

4, What aspects of the game could disapoint me? Graphics don't bother me and i easily prefer gameplay over graphics.

5, Is there any European servers which speak english? I am from England and judging from the fact on fileplanet, the trial is US/CA only, i am guessing this isn't a friendly Euro game.

Hopefully somenoe could be kind enough to answer these for me?


  • JohnCoffeeJohnCoffee Member Posts: 1

    1. There are a bunch of different classes - everything from Priests to Doomsayers to Templars. However, these classes can be specced to do any number of things - like a heal priest/ buff priest/ or stun priest. It'd probably be easier to head over to the official site to check them all out. Character advancement is done by "ranks". i.e. when you hit level 10, or Rank 1, you can promote your Fighter/Rogue/Healer/Mage to a final class of your choosing. The closest "ninja" class would be an Assassin.

    2. End game is PvP, pure and simple. You can easily get to Rank 7 (level 70) in a few days, then start PvP'ing or sieging enemy towns.

    3. The combat system is extremely tactic-oriented. Spamming moves may work the PvE aspect of the game, but if you do in PvP, you will die quickly.

    4. Populations are kind of low, although this is getting better every day. The promise of a loreplay server has many contemplating a return to the game.

    5. There used to European servers, but no more. The servers out now though do have a wideranging timezone playbase.

  • SendenSenden Member UncommonPosts: 602
    i checked the main website and it's useless for information, anywhere else you know of where i can check all the clases and such?
  • gammorazgammoraz Member Posts: 37

    Are you sure you actually visited the main site?

    Races -

    Classes -

    Disciplines -

  • Maverick827Maverick827 Member Posts: 71 is also a nice site to check if you're new.
  • MorridinMorridin Member Posts: 34

    1.  I'd say a wereform ranger is alot like what you're looking for.  Blademaster werewolf rangers are pretty mean right now.  They have stealth, high defense, are fast, and have monster damage.   And they basically have the equivalent of stun-lock against casters by timing stuns and powerblocks.  They have their weaknesses also, but every class does.

    2.  There's 2 kinds of pvp.  There's tree hopping/solo ganking and then there's guild vs. guild fighting.   Guild vs. guild fighting is more fun because fights happen on a larger scale, but it kind-of sucks if your guild sucks, which most do.

    3.  combat is reactive.  You need to do the right things at the right time, and you need to know your opponent's weaknesses.   One word of caution, refrain from playing non-nephilim, non-vampire mages.  They pretty much suck right now.


    4.  It's kind-of hard to find good pvp right now, at least on my server, because the server population is low and the politics are messed up.  Asian guild aren't fighting each other and they comprise over half the server it seems, so things are stagnated because no one can mount an offense against the asian guilds.

    5. Ummm, i don't know. 

  • MaximosMaximos Member UncommonPosts: 80

    I've seriously considered going Back to SB, I' played from release for long time. Loved the game. PvP wise its the best game hands down. The game offers tactics for large and small battles, so like its stated it isn't a button mashing game. The interface can be a bit daunting at first but its very customizable if you keep at it.

    The only problem is being new and coming into a server with established politics can be tough. You can get to 20 or 25 on newb isle without having to worry about pvp but past that its all pvp and without a guild backing you it can be tuff, don't know how recruiting is now days but it used to be scarce.

    1 guild,or a union of large guilds usually claim domenance on the servers and once that happens pvp gets a bit stale except for the random gankage. None the less good game, but keep in mind this game is a PvP game only NOT a PvE and PvP. The PvE only exists to further the pvp.

  • AwakenedAwakened Member UncommonPosts: 595

    "5, Is there any European servers which speak english? I am from England and judging from the fact on fileplanet, the trial is US/CA only, i am guessing this isn't a friendly Euro game."


    There was a European server, but back before Ubi got smart and start marketing the game, server pops were dropping, so the European server was meshed with another server into the Redemption server.

    Having said that, I play on a regular server - we have about 10 europeans in our guild (did have more), and at one point had a european sub with about 50-60 members before they broke up and joined other guilds.  Any server should have some europeans in there as well as asians.

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  • spardspard Member Posts: 17


    Any online guides for this game. Please post em if you know of some good ones for this.


  • AshenTemperAshenTemper BioWare Community Mgr.Member Posts: 68

    Originally posted by spard
    QuestionAny online guides for this game. Please post em if you know of some good ones for this.

    You can find player-submitted guides here:

    Shadowbane Player-Created Guides

    You can find a good introduction guide here:

    Getting Started at Shadowbania

    Sean "Ashen Temper" Dahlberg

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