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What are you playing right now and what do you like about it?



  • nate1980nate1980 Member UncommonPosts: 1,921
    nate1980 said:
    DarkHigh said:
    Let's all share what we are playing right now and what we like about it. Could be anything, graphics, gameplay, events, because it's  wow, playing with friends etc. Less toxicity more community! GO!
    I'll gladly share what I'm doing and why. It might inspire others to do the same. I've been playing MMORPG's since 2002 and before that I rarely gamed. So MMORPG's has always had a way of pulling me away from every single player release in the middle of me playing said single player game. So over the years, I've wracked up around 70 good games that I've never beaten. So starting last summer, I've stopped buying new releases for the most part, and have begun working my way through all these games I own and have never beaten.

    Right now I'm working my way through the Elder Scrolls series. I've already beat Morrowind, and now I'm almost finished with Oblivion. I've put in 100 hours now in Oblivion and I've just started the last expansion. Next will be Skyrim and it's expansions, and then it'll be onto a random game on my list.
    I would be interested to hear how you've enjoyed your journey through the Elder Scrolls series. 

    My feelings on it is that each game gets progressively better gameplay, but progressively worse world building. It still confuses me how people enjoyed Skyrim so much, the world was just really tedious to explore! Morrowind was just far superior, Oblivion was a bit generic perhaps but I still found the world more interesting than Skyrim. 
    Hmm, well I always referred Morrowind to being the best until I actually beat it. I like how Morrowind has more utility spells, and allows for both Major and Minor spells to count towards leveling. Oblivion only counts 7. I didn't like how NPC's blocked doors and slid off Silt Rider platforms, but a console command fixes that. I also didn't like how quickly I became OP compared to everything else in the world. The factions quests felt weak on story. The world felt frightening to explore until I was OP at lvl 6 or so.

    Oblivion, after all these years is gorgeous. I love the setting. I do like Skyrims setting more, because I enjoy snowy mountains a lot more as a backdrop, but Cyrodiil was great too. Much better than Morrowind, which was too brown and ugly for my tastes. I like the fast travel, mounts, and quest markers. I thought I'd never say that, but I guess the MMORPG genre spoiled me. I don't mind no quest markers either, but having them is nice. Main story is much shorter than Skyrim's, but has a lot better faction stories, daedric quests, and the main story has you jumping in an Oblivion gate early in the game. That was scary, because I was a low level and weak. Armors and weapons look much better in their designs in Oblivion. I'm in Shivering Isles right now getting smacked around hard by everything. I'm powerful, so they're no threat to me, but the constant staggering regardless of how high my agility is sucks. I got disarmed by a mob too, and I lost my brand new perfect madness sword. So I had to resort to by Dawn/Duskblade and Umbra. 

    Overall, the games aren't bad exploration games at all. I think rising in the ranks of each faction is enjoyable. Morrowind forced you to be more stategic about how you played the games factions due to how getting promoted worked, whereas Oblivion is based off of questing. The second method is a lot less of a pain. Mobs that level with you was a pain for a while, especially playing as a pure warrior, but it's all easy in the end.
  • MaxBaconMaxBacon Member EpicPosts: 6,675
    For now, checking into Conqueror's Blade. Nothing else happening.
  • CryomatrixCryomatrix Member EpicPosts: 2,277
    Witcher 3: paying close attention to story, rhe first time ever.
  • UngoodUngood Member EpicPosts: 2,172
    Right now.

    Playing Warhammer 40K Eternal Crusade, the visceral combat is addictive.. wish everything else didn't suck 

    Playing Fortnight. Love the exploration, building, and movement, wish the Combat didn't suck.

    Now if they made a game with Fortnights mobility and WH40KEC combat.. now that would be downright addictive.
    There is no Truth, only the Illusions we wish to Cling to. Knowing this, why do we all cling to such shitty illusions?
    Currently Playing Eternal Crusade, because killing people with a Chainsword is more fun then a sniper rifle.
  • roalandroaland Member UncommonPosts: 185
    Life is Feudal, actually only LiF lol everything you see in the game is player built and maintained. Sure its buggy but its still early and the devs are trying. Its very grindy even more so with the patch they released tonight. Time will tell how it plays out but the game has me hooked. you do what you want to. You wanna grief players? go ahead, just don' t come crying to me when an alliance crushes your claim and no one will take you into their guild because your name is shit. Dying is painful because of skill and rep loss, both of which take a while to get back. There are not instant heals so you have to be careful in combat. Gear maters, a lot, but not to the point of being unbalanced. You can't do a lot by yourself, you need other people to help. Its got tons of potential and so far its awesome, even with the bugs and server crashes. 
  • AAAMEOWAAAMEOW Member UncommonPosts: 792
    Pokemon go.  I like pokemon lore and IP.  Also you have to go out and play; Which is also the bad part since I'm too lazy to go out to play.
  • Dransik2012Dransik2012 Member UncommonPosts: 36 played for 17 years very good has three races human orc nightelf can lvl to 110
  • GuizeeGuizee Member UncommonPosts: 32
    Playing GW2 as of MMORPG - been playing it since 2012 and there's nothing to complain about PvE - it's just beautiful, fun and engaging. The PvP though, you know, very unbalanced despite being 5 years old and no new objective maps - it's always point capturing plus some new mechanics but that's all about point capture. I'd love to see other types.
    Playing SMITE too and I've been having a blast!!! Such a nice game. I really like the different playstyles within a single archetype, specially the mages. The combat is engaging and fun, loving it.

  • SubilacSubilac Member UncommonPosts: 49
    I went back to Runescape because IMO it has the best and most challenging quests. You are never bored in that game because it would take 3 lifetimes to get 99 in every skill. If you don't pay money that is. However, I went back to EQ 2 because the BOT population in Runescape was overwhelming. I'm leveling now my 5th toon to 100. Love EQ2 because it is massive. Sometimes impossible to get groups though if you are below 110. 
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