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Coop Titles

BloodaxesBloodaxes Member EpicPosts: 4,435
Me and my friends been trying to find games to play together, but we have some different tastes on certain games. They like survival games and shooters, and I too... kinda. I just hate the pvp focus in all of them. I tried ark with them, but ended stopping after less than a week as I couldn't see myself crafting all the time just for pvp. Then I watched a youtuber (Sark) play zombie army trilogy and we gave it a try. It was great! At first we were 2 people but today 2 more joined. Sadly we finished it after a 7+ hours straight run (From last mission of chapter 1 till chapter 3).

Now they're asking for something new to play coop. I was going to try warhammer vermintide but apparently it's just grinding the same couple of maps for loot to get better. Not sure I'd enjoy that.

Do you know of some other good coop games 2-4+ players? It doesn't have to be about zombies or single player game.



  • JakeSimJakeSim Member RarePosts: 881
    Was gonna say Warhammer Vermintide and look into the sequel coming out as well.
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  • Jamesw30Jamesw30 Member CommonPosts: 10
    old classics: command and conquer, Duke3D, Doom
  • jackwagonjackwagon Member UncommonPosts: 10
    I would suggest Warframe.
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